Guenther-class Dreadnought

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Guenther-class Dreadnought

Post by Griffworks » Fri Jul 06, 2018 5:16 am

This is my not-terribly-original kitbash of what I call the Guenther-class dreadnought, named for Todd Guenther of Starship Design, Federation Starship Recognition Chart, and Ships of the Star Fleet, Volume One fame. I used the Avenger-class MiniMecha from Thomas Models (basically, the Reliant) and the primary hull, an Indomitable secondary hull (also a TM MiniMecha kit), and the "neck"/nacelle assembly from a VA Miniatures Jenghiz-class destroyer. I cut the nacelle from the neck, inverted the neck and flattened the point where it slotted into a primary hull, then glued the nacelle back on top of that. I did a minor modification to the neck area, raising it up with some sheet stock to give better clearance for the shuttle bays, which I figure are some sort of fighter bays, with the secondary hull shuttle bay holding the bulk of the ships standard shuttlecraft.
Guenther02.JPG (17.34 KiB) Viewed 154 times
Under construction. I had a bad can of primer, so ended up stripping this and reapplying, IIRC. That was a lotta years ago! Notice that there's pink showing thru? Yeah, some of the kits that Thomas used to sell were pink, yellow, green, blue, etc... I guess that was batches of resin he was playing around with.
I really like this basic design with the Indomitable secondary hull. To my aesthetic tastes, it doesn't have but one unflattering angle, and that's not even all that bad when you view her bow-on. As with all things, YMMV!
I rationalize the two lower nacelles being LN-68's, while the upper nacelle is a LN-64 in that they don't have to all be the same type of nacelle in this configuration.

I'm going to attempt to replicate this in 1/1000 scale w/in the next couple of weeks.
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Re: Guenther-class Dreadnought

Post by No Good modeler » Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:03 am

Pretty dang lovely. I totally missed the boat when it came the indomitable class. I have never seen one for sale but would love to get my hands on it.

I like what you did here, all the parts fit well and doesn't look kitbashy to me.

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