Antiques Roadshow.

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Antiques Roadshow.

Post by Tesral » Fri Jun 15, 2018 2:42 am

My wife and I went today. No you will not see us on TV. However we did learn a good deal about the items we brought. The main reason I have been Jonesing to get to the show.

Sue took her Father's bagpipes. A beautiful set of carved pipes with silver fittings. Value was about what we figured. Nothing new there. They did identify the maker, a mark we had missed and the date for the hallmarks on the silver, 1931. (Why silversmiths have to have a weird code and cannot simply date the things,,,,)

Sue also took her Aunt Connie's necklace, a delicate thing she wore at out wedding,. French, we did not know that.

I took an old music book dated 1784. They were able to find it by the author as a fellow in Connecticut working in the 1780s, so the hand written date fits. The book I am told is in remarkable shape for its age. I should look as good at 234. Much more valuable than I though, we are not retiring on it. I feel better about spending a couple hundred to spruce it up a little and get it a box. (Need to call her next week, the restorer that is.

The other a popular Passover book of the early 50s. Beautiful work however. It was nice to know more of the author and illustrator.

Had fun. the event was at Meadowbrook Hall, The Dodge family folly. Yes the car Dodges. A monster post gilded age mansion that as typical of such things the next generation could not keep. It is a museum now.

I now need to get back to modeling. Wonderfest kind of sapped me for a while.
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