AST Fundraiser – Professional Build Service

For anyone offering services to others, model building, painting, custom bases, lighting, decals, etc.
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AST Fundraiser – Professional Build Service

Post by RogueWolf » Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:48 am

AST Fundraiser – Professional Build Service

Our very own trekriffic has offered his professional build services as a fundraiser for AST. This offer will be open until March 02.

The bidding for this auction will start fairly low but there is a reserve price. If the reserve is not met, then the build service will not be going ahead. I will notify all bidders of the reserve price by PM.

The starting bid for an unlit model will start at $100US.

If you want your model lit, the minimum bid will start at $150US.

All funds from this auction will go to keep AST up and on the web for all of our enjoyment.

These prices are a real bargain for a model built to professional standards. You could easily pay $500 or more for an unlit model and $1000 or more for a lit model; and that's on the low end for professional building services.

trekriffic’s AST gallery can be seen here:

More of his outstanding work can be found on his Flickr gallery here:

The winning bidder would provide the model and ship to trekriffic at their own expense. Models must be 1/1000 scale or less and 18" long maximum.

Cement, putty, paint, clearcoats, and application of kit decals in included as part of the build service. The client would provide any electronics required for flashing light circuits if they desire such. Tenacontrols makes a good board for around $40.00 that is compact enough to fit inside most 1/1000 scale styrene models.

Solid resin models will only be build unlit unless the model is hollow cast for lighting by the kit maker.
Any aftermarket decal or photo-etch sets would be the responsibility of the client to provide and might entail additional fees to apply especially for aztec decals.

Custom bases are not included but can be provided by the client to paint or add a mounting rod to for display purposes.

For lit models he can mount a power jack in the model or hardwire the stand to the model whichever is preferred. Power adapters and battery boxes are not included but are readily available online from model supply sites, of which he can offer recommendations.

trekriffic’s background includes over 40 years of experience building models working mostly in styrene but also in resin. He chiefly works in enamel and lacquer based paints using both brushes and airbrushes. He is skilled with the application of photo-etch brass and various weathering techniques using chalks, inks, and washes. He also has some expertise at LED lighting circuits.

Some awards trekriffic has won for his work include the 2009 "Whiffie" for Best Diorama on the What If Modelers forum for his Retro Red Planet diorama and First Place in the 2009 "Make It So" contest here on AST for his Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

His work has been featured on the Modelers, Miniatures, and Magic site; in the Gallery section of CultTVMan; and his Leif Ericson Galactic Cruiser was selected as the Starship Modeler May, 2014 Desktop Wallpaper calendar image.
This auction is open to US residents and overseas bidders but trekriffic is only absorbing shipping costs for the completed model to destinations in the continental United States. If any overseas members (or those in Hawaii or Alaska) insist on participating in the bidding they can bid so long as they know they will be paying any and all international freight charges should they win the auction.

Also, trekriffic will be writing a detailed work-in-progress thread for this build as he does for most of his builds on AST. So the winner can see how the work is progressing as the model takes shape. The client's name will be kept anonymous unless they wish to be known.

And lastly, for those wanting the model lit, he will be installing the electrical wiring and LEDs needed to light windows, domes, engines, etc as part of the build service. This does not include flashers and strobes unless the client provides him with a flasher board like the one Tenacontrols sells.
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Re: AST Fundraiser – Professional Build Service

Post by trekriffic » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:21 pm

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