2019 Contest?

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Re: 2019 Contest?

Post by arcticfox » Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:36 pm

I've been giving this some thought, and I have a proposal for a contest, or a theme build... whichever is preferred by the members. This isn't necessarily the full set of proposed rules, just a few ideas off the top of my head. What do y'all think?

2019 Build Contest/Theme Build
"Damage Report!!"

Build one starship, any faction, any class, any scale. The vessel should exhibit moderate to heavy battle damage. The idea is to tell a story. The vessel may or may not have been victorious, but has managed to return home to a Starbase and is in need of repair. (For an example of the magnitude of damage the ship should exhibit, imagine the Enterprise at the beginning of Star Trek III.) That means the damage could be a gaping wound in the ship (Like the Enterprise-B in the beginning of Star Trek:Generations, after being hit by the Nexus) or several damaged sites, with or without temporary hull plates welded over to cover the damaged sections.

If you feel inspired to go even heavier, like Enterprise NX-01 during the latter stages of the Xindi arc, or the Constellation from "The Doomsday Machine" or even Voyager form the "Year Of Hell" arc that's fine, but keep it within the scope above, meaning that the ship survived the battle and is able to make it home.

The Rules:
  • The model must be in new condition. In other words, no paint, no primer, no parts assembled. That means a used model purchased on eBay is legal, as long as no work has yet been done to it. Entrants must submit a photo of the unassembled model.
  • Keep in mind that the ship has managed to make it home, so warp nacelles can be damaged but should still appear functional.
  • Entries should be a series of photographs showing the vessel from all angles (Forward, aft, port, starboard, above, below) as well as at least one closeup of each battle damaged area, in addition to the initial photo of the unassembled model.
  • Entries should include a brief narrative (about a paragraph) describing the battle and how the damage occurred.
Criteria for Judging:
  • Overall Appearance of the model: 50pts The model still has to be well built and look good.
  • Adherence to the rules:20pts If you lost a warp nacelle, it may look great, but that'll hurt the score
  • Believability: 30pts Does it look like battle damage, or just a broken model?
Bonus Criteria:
  • Scale: Larger models are more challenging to do this with, so a well executed entry in 1/1000 scale will do better than the same ship in 1/2500 scale.
  • Narrative: Did you apply battle damage from an actual Star Trek episode/film? It needn't match what we see onscreen. For example, in "Journey to Babel" the Enterprise sustains multiple hits from enemy fire. The VFX doesn't show us the damage. Your model can! Alternatively, you may have had a cool story idea. Share it!
  • Extras: Do you have little spacemen, construction pods, etc. working on the damaged areas? (May be possible in really large models)
  • Ambition: Scorched hull plating is pretty simple, a gaping hole in the hull with visible substructure, cables, internal compartments, mechanical, etc. is a lot more challenging. Bonus points for more detailed, deeper, heavier damage.
  • The Star Trek Effect:Onscreen, starships are famous for being hit in one place, but then having secondary effects causing damage elsewhere. For example, if the Photon torpedo launcher was hit, did secondary internal damage cause the torpedo magazine to also go up, blowing a new hole elsewhere?
  • Technical: A photon torpedo will cause a different kind of damage from a phaser or a disruptor. Can we tell the difference?
  • The idea here is for the rules to have a relatively low weight toward the final score. That's because we don't want really creative ideas to be constrained. If you have a warp engine that's blown open with exposed warp coils and plasma conduits, that's so awesome that you might lose a few points, but man... you'd gain lots of points for...
  • Bonus items will elevate the total score, possibly beyond 100 points... so that mangled warp nacelle will cost a handful of points, but between a cool narrative and amazing execution, you could gain them all back and much more!
  • Believability is crucial. If it just looks like somebody took a hobby knife to the side of the hull and splattered some black paint on the opening, it's gonna look like black paint on torn plastic. Starship hulls aren't as thick as the plastic that forms the model, scorch marks aren't glossy, panels tend to come off in sections, etc.
Judging will be done by a panel of volunteers who are not themselves participating in the contest. The scores from all of the judges will be averaged together to produce a final score. The winning entry will be the model that scores the highest number of points. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by a vote, conducted by the members of the site in general. In the event that doesn't resolve the tie, then Xen will choose the winner.

The contest will run for 6 months. Entries may be submitted early, but cannot be modified once entered. The deadline is 12:00 AM Eastern on the date of the deadline.

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Re: 2019 Contest?

Post by Xen » Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:57 pm

both are great ideas from michaelalano and articfox.

the reason why i went with 'anything goes' is it's hard enough for folks to get something completed that they like, within x amount of time, let alone something another member has suggested.

so far, we have;

battle damaged ships

perhaps start a poll to see who wants what (and who is interested in participating).

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