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Product Review Update

Post by Xen » Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:58 am

Hi guys,

This month we will be reviewing the AMT 1/3200 scale Romulan 1/3200 D'deridex Warbird and AMT 1/2500 Federation Galaxy class U.S.S. Enterprise as first featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation! After that expect us to Discover something rather special to preview!!

A quick shout out and thanks to Steam235/Mario for his amazing work and to our followers, members and lurkers! Lastly, please help our forum and social media presence grow by joining, sharing, following, commenting and in general helping spread the word!! We truly appreciate it! :)

1/3200 D'Deridex Warbird forum preview

1/2500 Federation Galaxy class U.S.S. Enterprise preview

Facebook Group Product Previews

You Tube channel Previews ... 5hpZwpoBAA

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