kobayashimaru STC pt 2

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kobayashimaru STC pt 2

Post by kobayashimaru » Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:10 am

Hi there!
this thread is a continuation of the previous thread.

Happy Holidays 2018.
I received several Chindogu Unuseless novelties (many thanks).
though, I had a few new Borg arrivals for the tabletop (for use in ST:AW or ST:FC).
images to follow.

The previous Relthoza Apex Carrier had a 'void defect' on the starboard side,
necessitating replacement.
however, the replacement appears to be devoid of void defect,
and so, it can be completed.
The detail of Firestorm Armada Spartan Games ships cannot be overstated - they cram much detail into these!
Magnetization of the 'wing-units', will enable me to not only make transport easier,
though also make a separate vessel from the wingtips (or, deploy the Apex as a "Multi-vector Assimilation Mode" alongside a Tesseract).

It will require flash-cleaning along the edges, and magnetization of the counter-sunk 'flightstand' holes,
for eventual fitting to a P.O.P. universal knuckle-joint vectorable flightstand.
I am of two minds about completing on this one, the cutouts, or hot-poking for the fibreoptics.

The Japanese variant of the Queen's ship has arrived also.
this Octahedron appears to be CNC'd + Lazer etched from a thicker aluminium.
it doesn't appear 'solid die-cast", though, that is a vast improvement over prior variants.
it feels much sturdier though which is an excellent improvement.

I received from a Puzzling Friend,
a 'bucket of Pyraminx/ Folder-form parts".
these will form the basis of v7 onwards Tetrahedron.
some being clear are amenable to being lit-up at a later stage.

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