Kobayashimaru's Trek Costumes

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Kobayashimaru's Trek Costumes

Post by kobayashimaru » Tue Aug 14, 2018 5:01 am

Hi there,
so, I am slowly working on further costumes/props.

I found AST'er "Starchwrecked"'s guides and vids highly informative and inspirational,
as I did likewise Fran of Franlab.

On the workbench that's Trek-related Prop-wise.

1 x Type XI.mk7 "Functional" Tricorder. <--- can be a simple calculator, Ammeter, and diagnostics tool with 'plate/Lab-on-a-chip" module. connects to a local server or secure Plasceiver. can be a 'hotspot' for your other devices.
Powerpack is a nieucene-oscillucene film, does the job. surprisingly weighs ~380grams, needed weight-added to not feel 'flimsy' hehe.

1 x Huawei Talkband "Functional" Voy-style Commbadge. <--- piezo membrane over swarovski crystal, foil patina, power via wifi. the microphone is a Xhi-Kong 4 stereophonic with cutouts in the side of the badge. that is why the backing is a crystal - it has great sound and filters the accoustic distortion nicely.
Speaker is hip-mounted on the waist "Tricorder/Phaser Holster", a custom holster. it is mOLED back-lit, so will also do those classic TOS patterns with a moire/demoivre and optical 'plate' you can put at the back...
You can also take your call via headphones directly to the 3.5mm jack on the comm badge.
Affixed via a magnetic K type strip or via an N-peg (I prefer the N-peg).

Several partial Tricorders, mostly 'dummied up backlight gel".
They come in Wood-reemed, bent-sheet metal with insulator, or polymer.
The wood-reemed tricorder is cost-effective and surprisingly sturdy.
I explored putting a "Game Toy" into a Tricorder Case for a microgametroller... it's getting there.

1 x Makita DCL180 handle conversion to ~Dolphin/Nemesis Phaser.
I just like the ergonomics of this. It looks much nicer and, fit perfectly into the holster of the same.
If you want to hybridize to that ST:Voy FutureTNG style phaser, the base has a curve to it you just don't file that.
It comes pre-black, or Grey too.
A damaged rumble-pack from a controller/pinball machine makes the handle react and vibrate when 'fired'. a specific pinball rocker fits perfectly in the curve of this handle! (which looks cool when removed from the 'butt").
Sound-out is from the Belt-Speaker.

On the back-back burner;
1 x "Functional" Android, Soong-Type. :lol:
(A Mueck/Parry style, mechatronic collab.).
~60% :oops:
I've got the glass-eyes and XhengCheong cameras for the eyes,
most of the torso frame and leg assembly is being completed,
this is the ultimate bucket list project though.
I'm waiting on the morph-suit upholstery and ligninase layer.
I've also completed the IPA phonemeplex out-vocaloid too, so, that's good to go.

I already have Uniforms.
1 x Starfleet Engineering TNG/Voy type.
1 x Starfleet Command Division circa Future Style.
a "Monkey-suit" of Engineering-division style for mechanics outfit.

1 x non functional ST:Voy commbadge from The Experience (anodized pewter)
1 x non functional ST:Voy commbadge (Wooden reemed and patina, then 'painted' fabriege-foil, weathered)
1 x non functional ST:Voy Commbadge ('floppy plastic' for stunts/combat scenes).
1 x non Functional ST:Voy Commbadge (Gold, titanium-vanadium parkerizing, over Nickel-Brass-alumina, backed in brass).

I like the wooden-turned/ reemed Commbadges the best actually, I didn't think they'd turn out so well (pun intentional - the whittling and turning is impressive).

and, if it counts,
a PADD. <--- (a Mini from a certain manufacturer).

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Trek Costumes

Post by Tesral » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:22 am

Pictures or it didn't happen. :D
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Re: Kobayashimaru's Trek Costumes

Post by andyh » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:00 pm

Yes- need pics :)

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Trek Costumes

Post by trekriffic » Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:56 pm

This thread is begging for :pics:
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