Multi-Verse Models Transitions to a Retailer Site.

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Multi-Verse Models Transitions to a Retailer Site.

Post by Del » Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:07 pm

Thar be changes goin' on!

After this past WonderFest, I made the decision to move the workshop to a commercial location, rather than at home, so that I have room to work faster and more efficiently. I've also spent some time thinking about the future of Multi-Verse Models, and made the decision to change some other aspects of the business.

As part of my desire to reshape MVM, some of my current and future kits have now been acquired by new brands. Design Anomaly will be taking all of my canon Trek line, and Kessel Run Kits will be taking over my Wars line. Multi-Verse Models will be retaining all fan-designed non-canon Trek kits and other mixed sci-fi kits like the Whitestar and possibly a couple of BSG kits in the future, and anything else that's interesting.

So, what does this mean to you? Well, not much. As part of the new arrangement, I'll be working with both brands and you'll still be able to purchase all of these kits and future kits from the Multi-Verse Models website, and I'm sure they'll still be available at Federation Models and Starship Modeler under the new brands.

NorthTrek Creations has always been a separate line since I've been a retailer for RogueWolf's kits for over three years, so no changes where NorthTrek is concerned. And there might be another kit maker from outside the USA that I may add to the line up if I can get an agreement in place.

Bottom line, is that Multi-Verse Models will still produce kits, but is moving to more of a retailer business with only quality kit makers that bring a very diverse selection of kits to choose from. This is good news for you!

Links for both Design Anomaly and Kessel Run Kits will be available shortly as I work through the transition process. The new kits that were due out in July are delayed slightly, but the build-ups have primer and pre-shading completed, so they should be ready very soon. Once the Kessel Run page is up, some kits that folks have been waiting for will be available again such as the Desert Creeper, Twin Bombardier, and Chicken Walker. I hope you like the changes!

--- Del
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