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Re: My 1400 TMP and TOS fleet

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 3:59 pm
by novahobbies
kobayashimaru wrote:mmm, :drool: borgs... :borg:

I look forward to seeing even more of this excellent eye-candies.

tangent time -
the display bases also deserve honorable mention - they look stunning,
can we get some more closeups of those please,
and, being the bussard-looky-looer, can we get some more closeups of the nacelles
(particularly of the TOS era projects). :D

You can always go visit my old page and see the pics I have posted there. They may not be recent, but most are still good quality. And you can see a few stands / borg / adversaries, etc.

I'd update the site, but the hosting site is blowing big chunks and trying to tell me that I have an address account with them but not a hosting account....while my CC Charges tell me otherwise. :lol: I need to move to a better host.