Del's WonderFest sale - Kits from the Stash

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Del's WonderFest sale - Kits from the Stash

Post by Del » Thu May 07, 2015 11:05 pm

Kits from the stash - for sale at WonderFest from my room.

Since this is convention specific, I'm putting it here instead of the "Classified" section. Anything not sold will likely be offered for sale in the Classified section at a later date. First come first serve. I'll be checking in on Thursday evening, and will be wearing MVM polo shirts all weekend and probably hanging out in the RI suite in the evenings. I'm not listing prices, so just find me at the hotel, I'll show you the kits, and you can make me a reasonable offer.

-Revell Cylon Raider (old kit)

Star Wars

-FineMolds 1/72 Slave I (No price gouging - a normal reasonable offer and it's yours.)
-FineMolds 1/48 TIE Fighter
-AMT/Ertl 1/48 TIE Interceptor
-Revell V-19 Torrent

Star Trek

-Polar Lights 1/350 NX-01
-Polar Lights 1/1000 NX-01 (first version)
-AMT 1/537 Reliant (with Fed Models saucer correction kit and other stuff)
-AMT Klingon Cruiser ST VI (Q1 K'Tinga)
-Delta Quadrant 1/2500 Phobos
-Delta Quadrant 1/2500 Bonaventure
-Ravenstar Romulan Talon (very rare - really it is - linky to the guy who mastered the pattern and photos)
-Ravenstar Romulan Q'Lex (2 kits available)
-OS 1/2500 Romulan Winged Defender
-OS 1/2500 Klingon Grim Reaper
-OS 1/2500 Arethusa
-OS 1/2500 Defiant (2 kits available - going cheap)
-MMI 1/32 Type 15 Shuttle Pod
-MMI 1/32 Seated Male Pilot
-MMI 1/32 Seated Female Pilot
-MMI 1/32 Standing Male Klingon (Aggressive Posture)
-MMI 1/32 Standing Male Klingon (Casual Posture)
-MMI 1/32 Standing Female Klingon
-MMI 1/32 Holodeck Arch
-MMI 1/32 TOS Redshirt
-MMI 1/32 Photon Torpedo
-Andrea Miniatures 1/32 Spock (metal cast)
-AMT 1/35 Enterprise Bridge (old kit with Outerspace Outfitters and Lunar Models upgrades)
-AMT 1/35 Galileo (old kit with JT Graphics decals)
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