Wither freeserves

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Wither freeserves

Post by Tesral » Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:01 pm

It is gone. phoenixinn.iwarp.com was just deleted. That hurt a little.

I had been with freeserves for 20 years. They made the breakup as ugly as possible, trying to charge me a $20 cancellation fee. I told them in very precise language what they could do with that. I called the bank right after to make sure they cannot change me for anything. I don't trust them.

Then I get an e-mail suggesting I need to upgrade my hosting package. No, I don't trust them. They are going to be as nasty as possible.

I went in and deleted everything. There is no site to have traffic now.

The Olde Phoenix Inn lives on at www.oldephoenixinn.net. That domain has been in business a year now at InMotion hosting. I gave the freeserves site one more year for redirects.
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