trek music continues

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Crafty Commodore
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trek music continues

Post by kobayashimaru » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:34 am

so, there's been a flurry of trek music stuff made.
New Years' rehearsal for this years SciFi con was GREAT!
the audio from that has also been released, and the baffle between the 'pit' and the audience was
a great idea, as none of the cheering can be heard hehe.

The orchestral cues to ST:D, have been released in OST form. they're actually not half bad musically.
:oops: swap the synth out for yeoldeschool Moog, and it cooks.
the mixing masters are still elusive though.

next, Chicago Jazz Orchestra has both the Jazz TOS alternate variant,
and the Medley of Trek, both are outstanding
they also have the E Miyashiro/M Ferguson variant too.

I have it on good authority, the Goldberg variant of TOS will be made soon

finally, the masters to old-school Starshine Orchestra,
they're finally released so. They're better than I remember,
and go very well with the Reift Blastorchestra variant.

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Re: trek music continues

Post by MSgtUSAFRet » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:21 pm

I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on Trek music and yet I find you have a greater knowledge of it! Well done, kobayashimaru.

I love the fact that more and more large city orchestras (Houston; for one) are playing more and more ST music (while simultaneously showing the movie); especially from the movies! The Polish National Orchestra has been re-recording popular themes for years! (Their cover of the "Generations" soundtrack is wonderful!) Star Wars, thanks in no small part to John William's genius and notoriety, has been played for many years. It only seems that recently, ST music is now being featured rather than simply included. Plus, Giacchino's virtuosity and notoriety certainly helps, too!

As a college trumpet player, I've heard M Ferguson for years and LOVED his rendition of ST TOS Theme; especially when he goes 8va only on the last refrain! It was only recently that I heard E Miyashiro's cover of the MF song and was impressed someone else could do so. BTW, if you're into screaming trumpets, listen to the M Ferguson memorial concert of "Gonna Fly Now!" with approximately 30 trumpet players all playing Maynard's part!

Okay, what do you mean by "Goldberg variant of TOS"? Who is Goldberg and why is this noteworthy?

Who is the Starshine Orchestra and Reift Blastorchestra?

I feel woefully uneducated. :)

Thanks for the topic!


Crafty Commodore
Crafty Commodore
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Re: trek music continues

Post by kobayashimaru » Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:00 pm

Its all good; :lol:
I enjoy listening to many variants of music,
so I get to meet folks who find the variants out there
(that, and MCMC keyword alerts help to AGI-huntdown variants hehe :borg:)
there's so much awesome Trek music, it'd take several lifetimes just to hear them all :D

Indeed, Maynard Ferguson and E Miyashiro's renditions are outstandingly ear-addictive.
that music to me, is the TMP 'lost C era" theme music hehe.
I didn't know brass could sound like that hehe :lol:

I think it's great that bands are playing their approaches, and having themed concerts or 'band day out" at the park for a picnic. it gets folks excited for music, so maybe they go and listen to other events in addition to the 'drawcard' ones,
which is a win-win; the orchestra gets to put food on the table hehe.
the positive-gearing and pre-committment helps plan scholarships and the such too.

apologies for 'name-drop' though with so many variants, if you don't mention the variant and artist, chances are you won't find it in search engines of your choice hehe.
Alistair Goldberg is a promising composer from Julliard,
the variant is notable for the neuromorphic/anagogic composition, similar yet different to the 'feynman bongos' variant.
Feynman recorded his variant of the bongo-pattern, based on what he thought it oughta be,
as he always thought it was missing a beat.

Alfie Pugh's TNG-variant will sound neat when it's finished, it's woodwind-heavy so has a lot of range.

Starshine Orchestra made disco/70s variants of a lot of stuff through to the 90s.
Marc Reift orchestra, specifically Cinemagic series, are utilized by many bands to train on variants.
the Oompah/blastorchestra is brass-intensive, distinctive German sound.

If you'd like some.. offbeat? eclectic? variants
I cannot recommend more Richard Cheese and His Band,
and if you've not already come across them, "The Kranksy Sisters".

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