prog or device to scan and/or convert art on paper?

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Bear with me
Bear with me
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prog or device to scan and/or convert art on paper?

Post by Xen » Sun Dec 24, 2017 12:01 am

i can't do modelling now. i can still sketch though. roughly by my standards if you knew my background.

i would like to have a small gizmo to scan in work, copy it to any file, so that any 2d or 3d program can polish it up. then take it further myself or have it printed.

does such a thing exist, and if so, can koba, marc or some tekkie trekkie fill me in a simple way what they can do.

i have a lot of designs and ideas but need a middleman, unless i can find something iidiot-proof enough to work for me.

it's just a pipe dream now. something nice to think of away from the hassles.

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Re: prog or device to scan and/or convert art on paper?

Post by Tesral » Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:22 am

For 2D it is called a scanner and easy to come by, GIMP or a like program can be used to clean up the work to any standard you desire.

3D the hardware is out there, if not cheap. I know of some services that say they can take a 2D image and make a 3D print out of it. I have not seen any results.
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Re: prog or device to scan and/or convert art on paper?

Post by kobayashimaru » Sun Dec 24, 2017 7:16 am

awesome line of thought, Xen
you'll make a fine Borg yet :borg2:
long-form reply inbound to your inbox

Tesral's overview and nod to GIMP "script-fu"
is fairly awesome - there are some GAH/AGI stuff on ThisWeekInTech etc,
for using that approach to clean up 2D stuff.

I suspect what you're envisaging,
is taking a rudimentary 2D-sketch, and turning from that sketch alone, a 3D (or nth-topology) object
or boolean topology etc. or, a 'fully rigged and textures animation-readied 3D object" etc...
ie, take from a relatively decent Planometric ISO sketch, and make the 3D/4D/5D manifold etc.

it is possible, and I recommend checking out;
KNOWM, ThisWeekInTech, OpenCog, the Coexeter Society of Geometers,
Journal of AGI, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics,
and your local tertiary computing society/LAN club.

it is related to AGI-GAH neural network stuff and AGI interoperability.
a lot of that is highly experimental though.

hypothetically, Programs such as PTC ProD, Rhino, Blender etc, can be made to function that way.
it requires a color-coding to get the topology to be interpretted properly.
new AutoDesk Intuit, and GoogleSketchPro etc are exploring that at "google summer of code".
slic3r and the 3D maker community also have some ideas on that.
hint, this is also how "Safe-Assign, but for meshes" as envisaged by "d3crypt3d" is supposed to function...
that's a long story.

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