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Possible trade: 1:537 K'Tinga, other models/parts

Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:34 am
by nova1972x
So, I have a a few models and parts. I am just floating this to see if there is any interest. If there is, I can post pictures at that point. Apparently, Photobucket is now charging to host pictures on 3rd party sites, and it seems I can't even link them, now. Looking for another free hosting site, but I digress....

Anyway, I have models and parts. I am primarily looking to trade, or for only enough $$ to purchase (or go towards a purchase) the models I would like to have.

Here is what I am looking for (any of the following):

All Polar Lights:

1. 1:1000 Romulan BOP
2. 1:1000 USS Reliant
3. 1:1000 Romulan Battle Cruiser (D-7), or Klingon D7 as long as it has a stand
4. 1:1000 USS Enterprise refit
5. If you have an interesting trade not listed. Generally, I prefer 1:1000 (or 1:2500 if you are talking Enterprises C,D,E...long shot, I know!), but not necessarily limited to those scales.

Ideally, unassembled with decals, but willing to consider partially assembled, assembled in good condition, or imperfections that a novice builder like myself can repair with putty, sanding, repaint, etc, too.

Here is what I have (all are AMT/ERTL):

Note: All prices do NOT include shipping. However, if you want to trade, and as long as the trade is roughly even, I pay my shipping to you, you pay your shipping to me (EG both parties feel like they are getting what they want and are happy).


1. 1:537 K'Tinga (TMP version, I think early 1980s release, light blue).

I bought this used. It is unassembled, but box has been opened, some parts separated from the "trees." Does include stock decals, as well as aftermarket decals. The kit is complete. I am not going to lie, the fitment on this model is not great, and will take patience and filler to get it right. Probably ideal for an advanced modeler, which I am not.

*It would be great if I could do a 1 for 1 trade with one of the models above or the money to purchase one.

2. 1:537 USS Enterprise Refit, The Voyage Home edition.

*I will say this upfront: I believe this model is salvageable, but it will take someone with skill and patience. This is probably most ideal for an expert or near expert level of model builder looking for a challenge to restore it, or someone looking to use parts to kitbash.

This is the model I rebuilt here:

Also, I had pylon issues seen here:

In short, I used JB Weld for plastic epoxy to resolve this. If someone redid this model, they would likely need to sand that area down and repaint the epoxy spots where the secondary hull and the pylon meet. It doesn't look great where I epoxied (a little thick), but was secure (and it definitely won't break at that point!), but I never got around to doing it myself because it is mostly clear, and I had the model up high where you couldn't see it at that angle.

Unfortunately, a few months ago, the model was bumped and fell from the top shelf of my book case. No parts were "broken" but the neck separated at the glue points from the secondary hull, and the nacelles separated from the pylon. I think the neck would have to either be glued back together with strong glue, or epoxy, like I did the pylons. The nacelles can be glued easily back on.

IT is salvageable, but probably would require an expert to do it to the point where you couldn't tell anything was wrong. Otherwise, it is a complete model and includes the stand. OR this would be ideal for Kitbash use.

The reason I don't want to repair this model is because I really don't want to build anything this big again. I feel for me, being in an apartment, 1:1000 is the perfect size.

* Ideally, I would like to trade for any of the 1:1000 polar lights models, particularly the 1701 refit, or money to purchase one.

Note: the final 3, may be able to work some sort of trade out. Obviously, I don't expect a 1 for 1 ship trade, UNLESS you really want to! :lol:

3. 1:2500 TOS Enterprise Unassembled, still on tree (from 1990s kit with the clear disk kit)
* make offer for trade, or $10, OBO.Not sure if I have decals will have to check.

4. 1:2500 Enterprise-A Unassembled, still on tree (from 1990s kit with the clear disk kit).
* make offer for trade, or $10, OBO. Not sure if I have decals will have to check.

5. Multiple Copies of the 1:1000 SS Botany Bay from the USS Enterprise Space Seed kit. Unassembled, still on tree. I have 6 that I know of, possibly more. I only want to keep one, the rest are available for trade. May be great for kit bashing, or if you are missing one for your 1:1000 TOS Enterprise. Make trade offer, or $5, OBO per ship.


*Note: Again, i don't expect anyone to be jumping at trading a part for a whole model. If some or all of these interest you, and you want to trade parts for a complete ship listed above, make trade offer. Like with models, if we do a trade, we can pay our own shipping, as long as it is pretty equal, or both parties feel like they are getting what they want.

1. 1:2500 Enterprise-D Nacelles: Clear blue and red resin engines. never used. (I think PNT?)
Make trade offer, or $10, OBO

2. 1:1000 TOS Nacelles from Polar Lights 4200 kit. Cage version. Includes all parts. I know I have at least 1 complete set, maybe several. Will have to check. $10, OBO, or make trade offer.

3. AMT/ERTL 3 Piece Enterprise TOS, Enterprise-A, Enterprise-D model STAND. I have two. This is the one that came with the delta center, with the extensions to mount your ship to. I never figured out how to do that, so I used different stands. I have painted these metallic gold. $5 per stand kit, OBO, or trade offer.

Re: Possible trade: 1:537 K'Tinga, other models/parts

Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:05 am
by nova1972x
Oh, and if you see something you are interested, but want more information first, please feel free to reply here or PM me. Reasonable offers will be considered, too.