Wanted: AMT Defiant 1/420 Decals +Revell Voyager Sensors

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Re: Wanted: AMT Defiant 1/420 Decals +Revell Voyager Sensors and another suff

Post by Dr_Corsa » Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:14 pm


For my Future Ent-D I'm now looking for big AMT Defaint decals: only the starfleet insignias with red strips. For this I need the strip+Symbols from 3 ships = decals from 3 decal sheets.

And for upcoming Steamrunner class I'm looking for 1400 and 670 scale Voyager sensor array plates and side strips. Also I would be glad to get a genuine new big Revell Voy decal sheet with all hull markers.

From 2500 TOS Enterprise I need totally all new parts for 4 warp nacelles and one holder ( the V part from the hull to the engines). Please no chrome parts :).

Also still looking for GENUINE AMT Round 2 escape pods for AMT656 clear Enterprise D from 2010.

Please contact me via PN if You have something for me :).

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Re: Wanted: AMT Defiant 1/420 Decals +Revell Voyager Sensors

Post by MEATLOAFr » Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:20 am

I have scans of all of those - and can make replacements for you if you can't get original ones
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