Polar Lights 1/350 scale K'T'inga lighting kit p/review

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Re: Polar Lights 1/350 scale K'T'inga lighting kit p/review

Post by Steam235 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:13 am

My Final thoughts on the Lighting Kit for the 1/350 scale K'T'inga model kit.

To cut to the chase. This is a great lighting kit.

You won't need to solder anything, you won't need to worry about resistors, volts or circuits. It's entirely plug and play. every LED strand is labeled clearly and fits on to the circuit board.

I loved being able to use an off the shelf product to light the kit rather than building my own lighting, the only other kit I've built that had an official lighting kit was the Bandai PG Falcon. This lighting kit was actually better than the Bandai PG lighting kit. The Bandai lighting kit was similar in design, but actually inaccurate in what it lit. (the landing gear doesn't have spot lights on the falcon.

This kit is very accurate to the filming model it replicates the engines, weapons, collision lights and windows. it replicates the flood lights that shine on the hull and has blinking lights on the neck and bottom.

Perhaps the most accurate part is that the lighting is in scale, the windows are not very bright, the strobes, flood lights engines and weapons are.

I was very impressed with the light piping used in the nacelles, and the use of PE to get the right shapes.

There were only a few things I would consider cons. I think the battery compartment is very crowded. I wish the circuit board was enclosed. You need to be careful and make sure not to damage any of the solders (the instructions call this out several times so I think even novices will know to be careful.

Something I wish I had realized; not all of the red parts should be used. Some are just included in red because of where they were on the sprue.

Something I wish I had done differently. I would have enlarged the window openings in the plastic even more than I did. I didn't open them too much and I think that it limits the viewing angle for the lights. Those lights are just so small and narrow they don't let much light through. The wider you can make those holes in the plastic parts the wider your viewing angle will be. I hope this diagram shows what I mean. I fell that on mine you have to be looking fairly dead on to see the window lights properly.

Overall this kit will let you light the model easily and accurately, and that's what it's all about.

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