Contest Frequently Asked Questions

Theme: Anything goes! Discuss our inaugural contest here! If you wish to take part in this contest please read the rules and FAQ first. This contest is closed.
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Contest Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Xen » Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:23 am

Q: How do I enter the contest?
A: Please make sure you have read the contest rules and then e-mail us ( with your information.

Q: When is the contest deadline?
A: You have until April 30th to submit your initial details via e-mail. Please read the rules for further information.

Q: Do I need to pay an entry fee?
A: No. AST will never charge a fee.

Q: Is there a limit on how many entries I can submit?
A: Yes. Only one (1) entry per participant.

Q: Who will judge this?
A: The entries will be judged by the AST staff and contest sponsor.

Q: Why can't members vote for the winner?
A: At this time we feel the fairest way to choose the top 3 is by a panel of judges. Poll votes can be "manipulated", and as such will be avoided. However, our stance may change with future contests.

Q: Do we have to start building right now?
A: No. You have one month of preparation time until the entry deadline (April 30th). Please note that does not mean you have to finish your entry by this date. You just need to e-mail AST with your contest details.

Q: Can I enter something I've built already but never posted?
A: We will only accept new builds. The reason for this is to generate additional interest and hype by seeing each participant post updates of their work. Staring from scratch, right the way through to the finished article.

Q: Standard model? Or perhaps kitbashing/scratchbuilds?
A: All are allowed. Standard builds, kitbashes, scratchbuilds or a combination.

Q: Is the use of aftermarket supplies such as Modular Models allowed?
A: Yes. You are allowed to use whatever materials and parts you like.

Q: What if I don't have all the components yet? Can I email pics of what I have to start out with and add the rest along the way?
A: Yes. That is perfectly acceptable, as long as you submit a pic of most of the components at the start.

Q: What if I submit my entry and come up with an even cooler idea later on. Can I do something else?
A: No. In fairness to other participants, we cannot allow this. That is why we have given you up to one month of preparation time. This will hopefully allow all participants to think of something really creative.

Q: What do I submit if I'm creating something unique (or based on various designs)?
A: We just need a pic of the parts/materials you'll be using (you don't have to have everything in the first pic). You could also include reference material, along with a basic description of your concept. Anything that helps build a mental image would be good.

Q: I would like to post the WIP process on my blog or other sites as well. Is that allowed?
A:Your WIP content must remain exclusive to AST for the duration of the competition. After that you may post wherever you want. Please note this only applies to your content. Republishing other content from the AST site (in part, or in full) is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

Q: I've read the rules, but I still need help! What do I do?
A: Post in the Any Questions? thread, PM me (Xen) or e-mail for further support.


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