Entry fee (Poll)

General discussion for future official AST contests and unofficial (fan run) group builds.

What is the best way to increase the number of completed builds?

Charge a token entry fee (refunded upon build completion)
Charge a token entry fee (used for prizes)
Other (post with further details)
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Re: Entry fee (Poll)

Post by Del » Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:44 pm

I've tried to hold myself back from stating anything that might be perceived as negative, but I feel that a fee might intimidate newbies or cause them to rethink entering. With no fee, they have nothing to lose, although losing face if their build doesn't measure up might still make some folks apprehensive.

My thoughts as a kit maker is that I get to give something back to the community and it also serves as a form of advertisement. Because of this, I can only commit to one contest per year usually when you take into consideration the cost of postage as well.

I'm not against a fee, and it might help serve the forum with administration of the contest and in other ways. But in my case, I don't need the funding to motivate the donation of prizes, because I enjoy giving back to all of you in the first place.

I hope I didn't stir the mud too much, just wanted all of you to know from my perspective.
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