Uses for sprue

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Re: Uses for sprue

Post by Tesral » Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:19 am

Same source. You can use any weld glue, but Tenax is the 800 pound gorilla. You do not have ot use a whole bottle either. If you can source small glass containers, you can make a little as you need and keep it workable.

Cut the sprun into very small chunks. It is all about surface area.

Sprun really is the ignored resource. Most modelers see it as waste material to be tossed. The experienced ones keep at least a little around.

You could build scale log cabins with it. Depending on the scale from small logs to redwoods. I've noticed that size and scale of the model aside most sprun trees are about the same diameter.
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Re: Uses for sprue

Post by DeadHead » Fri Nov 14, 2014 6:10 am

Clear sprue can be heated and stretched to make pretty decent fiber optic wire in a pinch. It doesn't stretch out too long, though. I usually use it for short lengths. You just have to make sure that you get a clean cut at both ends.
If I remember correctly, it worked the last time we did this. Unless it didn't.

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Re: Uses for sprue

Post by kobayashimaru » Mon Nov 24, 2014 2:40 pm

Apologies for thread necro, :D
sprue has its uses. Its great to learn so much from the pros here and elsewhere when they talk about sprue.

I've seen it used to make TMP style drydock panels, along with evergreen and model trusses etc.
You could use the sprue as a scaffold for plates, so as to save on weight. The build was 40%sprue, the rest were photoetched kitbash and kit cannibalized, maybe 10% steel base.
The visual quality was there.

I'm not so sure about many of the projects which use sprue for Borg stuff, the results can be inconsistent.
It makes great curbing and channeling for 1/48th scale model towns etc.

I use sprue as scaffolding for modelmaking, helps to make the skeleton, an overall frame, or assist during printing.
sheets of sprue stacked on top of each other make great wooden effect log cabins/wooden barricades.
After experimenting with pause-through printing with a 3D printer and sprue... I don't recommend mixing the two, as fumes resulted 9 times in 10 (probably from ABS mixing with the sprue).
Respirator to the rescue folks.

If your clear sprue is the same dia. as the POP knuckle joints, you can use sprue and surplus knuckle joints to make custom pivotable POP Acrylic display stands, to display your vehicles at angles stably. This can be cheaper than sourcing the acrylic rods at a-typical lengths, or where you want the rod to fork at a specific point along (for showing your item in 'exploded flight' mode) This can also let you turn a 1 stem base into a 3+ stem base.
Some sprue also has odd shaped flow points, take the wargames factory modular sprue. That shape is PERFECT for the cowling on certain fighters, such as the Revell V-19 Republic Starfighter. I've seen the smaller dia flow egresses on the sprue sheet used as recesses for magnetisation, again, due to perfect T shape and dia recess for an M52 magnet.

Sprue can be melted down (chemically, in brake fluid* or if its a thermoplastic, with a heatgun/stove/lighter) and you can freeform that while molten into bases for terrain - I learned that from White Dwarf of all places heh.

If left in a mixture of cokecola and paintthiner, sprue gets 'blotchy' like coral, learned that from looking at some displays.
Similarly, if placed with other 'plasti-trash' in a suitable furnace, it can make great 'burned out building wreckage' or 'toxic sludge' as some of the folks over on Lead can attest.

Sprue can hold a thread, great if you need to make things look like they have a bolt in them, as opposed to dowel or toothpicks or pepakura/papercraft.
and if you fashion a makeshift die from something, such as a pencil sharpener or sheetmetal, sprue can take a shape as well (so, a star picket for example). That's from a few places, local warmodellers magazine, white dwarf and elsewhere.

Sprue can, as others have also done, be used to make racks or even display shelving for small figures and storage (in conjunction with those firm clear plastic packaging boxes, that often Xmas lights or home decor come in.

So, Sprue, plus Drinking Straws x assorted, plus polypipe are highly versatile parts of the hobby bitsbashing kit.
Also, the plastic filters from coffee machine pods are AWESOME for customising (instant deflector dish, satelite, cylinder connector, etc),
as are the plastic heads on assorted JPOP bottles/Indian Soda Pop Bottles.
Some Heinz packaging lids (that weird green Hexa-dome type)/baby food lids can be great for curves or irregular shapes.
Some have been able to use Gillette/shaving displays to great effect as cargo containers over on lead,
similarly, some colgate Point of Purchase display stands have been re-purposed to modular building terrain, with sprue as the skeleton.

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