Tamiya curved masking tape - disappointed!

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Tamiya curved masking tape - disappointed!

Post by NCC1966 » Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:30 pm

A few weeks ago I found out this new product from Tamiya and ordered it immediately to see how it would behave assuming that you cannot go wrong with Tamiya stuff. Here it is:


A couple days ago it was in my PO box and I was eager to try it. Yesterday I ripped the package and started to mask the grilles of my Reliant. At first sight I loved it because it was so easy to curve the tape. You just go fixing it against the model by pressing with the finger while you pull the tape and go curving it. In a few minutes I finish masking it all, put the nacelles aside and went to sand the main hull of the TOS Enterprise I started this weekend. After a little while when I finished my sanding and came back to the nacelles to get some pleasure of the so well masked task, guess what... the tape had pealed off of the model wherever it was curved.


First I thought that it could be the painting that didn't offered enough tack to the tape. Then I cut a new piece from the roll and stick it to my workbench top making a curve. Twenty minutes after it had lifted where it was curved.


My diagnostics about this: being the tape rubbish (similar to electric tape) you have to pull it to make the curves. Obviously after to be stretched the tape has some trend to come back to its original shape and seems to me that its tack is too weak to resist to this stress. After to pick a piece and stick it to my hand I could notice that it has obviously too much less tack than her older sister -- the yellow paper tape.

I made a test sticking it directly to the plastic (without painting) and it seats fine. However, sincerely, it doesn't serve too much for me if it doesn't stick well over enamel paint that's what I use. Perhaps it works well over other types of paint and also I am not discarding the hypothesis that I didn't used it correctly. I would like to hear from others that have tried it.



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Re: Tamiya curved masking tape - disappointed!

Post by Cubey Terra » Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:06 am

Good to know! Thanks for posting the results of your tape tests.

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Re: Tamiya curved masking tape - disappointed!

Post by Moongrim » Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:22 pm

Tamiya Tape, in amongst others, can be a tricky devil to deal with.

To make it work more for me- I end up doing a few things:
1) Wipe down where i'm going to apply the tape with rubbing alcohol soaked cloth or cotton swab. This is to clean off the oils and other stuff that one's hands and fingers constantly put out. It's also the reason why fingerprints are so useful to the police.
2) Wash my hands after doing #1 (above). This is to get rid of the worst of the oils and such that would be left behind.
The reason for all this? The glue that is used on such tape, absorbs those finger-oils and other stuffs all too readily, and end up less sticky.
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