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Re: Headpieces.

Post by Del » Sun Jun 29, 2014 4:44 pm

Owen E Oulton wrote:Just looked at this thread, and I'm impressed. Did you pattern the ridges after any particular character? They look like a more elaborate version of Torres' ridges - perhaps those of her grandfather, since ridge patterns tend to run in families. So many fans' ridges aren't blended in to well, and don't match the person's skin tone. These look screen-ready.
I didn't design the headpiece. I had a guy make it for me and he came up with the pattern. This photo is before I dry brushed some more details so the skin would look more real rather than all one color and tone. Of course, from repeated use, it no longer looks that good, and foam latex breaks down after a few years, so the inside is a bit crumbly. I had it made in 2000, so after 14 years, it at least still looks okay sitting on my shelf inside of a mannequin head.
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