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Post by DefiantClient » Sun Dec 20, 2015 7:13 am

These are just fantastic. Do you have an engineering and/or medical team to cosplay at cons with these wonderful doohickies?

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Post by Serin019 » Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:32 am

DefiantClient wrote:These are just fantastic. Do you have an engineering and/or medical team to cosplay at cons with these wonderful doohickies?
Its literally just me and Michael doing these in our free time. But you know.... Thats not a half bad idea save for the fact that he's in Florida and I'm in Melbourne Australia, maybe we should recruit some enlisted personnel.
Perhaps I'll mention the idea to him! :twisted:

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Post by kobayashimaru » Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:31 pm

those props have turned out awesomely!
even the 'misprints' would look GREAT for what happens to those tools when the squibs go off on the "EPS relay"

Michael has faithfully recreated those props final color scheme quite well also :D

Did you manage to run off many 'iso-linear chips", from those colored acrylics?
there are now multi-tone acrylics also, which shimmer or defract light in different ways, compared to what was available even in Voyager's run.

I've always wondered what relief-cut/acid etched metal plates would look like in those starfleet designs - that metal and black ink background... so it has embossed detail as well |apologies if that is a little abstract, I'll find some pictures to envisage it hehe :lol: |

turning to your ongoing tricorder projects on the backburner,
I don't know if you've looked into that real-world tricorder TI project, yet, it's somewhat cooler even than what we've seen on-screen, as;
it has 'swedish fire' to make sparks in a survival situation,
the backplate has a magnet, allowing it to stick to the structure around it - perfect for zero-G (well, in some applications where there needs to be no interference, that magnet would be replaced with some adhesive or friction increasing etc)
it has built-in multitools, so an allen-key, various shaped parts, and even a relief spot for a swiss army knife heheh.
If you could incorporate any of those elements into your futuristic styled tricorder designs, that would enhance the awesome you've got going there :borg:
Maybe Eye-of-Error can give some ideas on how to recreate the OHT-material inserts, for printing onto the clear material to recreate some of those effects... that is, if you don't go the "actual working LCD screen" route.

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