Our "mission" and what you can do to help

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Bear with me
Bear with me
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Our "mission" and what you can do to help

Post by Xen » Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:52 am

Simply put, we're trying to create something special here, but not in the way you might first think.

For many forums it's all about content. After all, people want to read interesting topics, be "wowed" by amazing pics and above all, be entertained. Those are all very valid reasons to check out a cool site, but we hope to do more.

The true sense of community spirit and general camaraderie on the net seems to have changed since the early days. The rise of social networking sites have made us more "connected" than we ever were. Yet, it feels like we lost something along the way. We're "connected". We "talk". But too often, we get the information we "need" and move on, with little personal involvement.

In our own way, we would like to change that, and regain some of the old internet magic. We hope to create a strong community willing to go the extra mile to help inspire their fellow hobbyists, and bring back that sense of ownership and involvement.

We'd like to underscore one final point. You are the most important part of this site. Your input will serve to shape this forum and our community into something we'll hopefully all be proud of.

Time will tell if we are just looking through rose tinted glasses, or if something good will come out of this.

We hope you will join us in creating something special.


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