Please read this if you've posted a build thread

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Please read this if you've posted a build thread

Post by Xen » Sat Jan 16, 2016 8:39 am

As previously mentioned I would like to compile a list of tools and supplies for each kit. At the very least the hero ships and other popular kits.

That way a newbie (or anyone for that matter) can find the perfect paints, aftermarket parts and other supplies needed for the specific kit, all in one handy place.

Since AST already has a large selection of completed builds it would be great if the authors could add the following at the start of their threads:

(brand names, colors/numbers, links where to buy them)

(brand names, tool type, links where to buy them)

(E.G. For accurizing. Brand names, item type, links where to buy them)

Alternatively, If you don't wish to alter your build thread but still want to help out, just submit the same information and include the kit manufacturer, kit name, scale and link where to buy here.

Whether you update your build thread and post a link or just include the information here, all contributions would be greatly appreciated. :)

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