Multiple PM notification email problem

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Multiple PM notification email problem

Post by Xen » Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:46 am

I was made aware of a problem today concerning members receiving up to 10 or more (or continuous) PM notification e-mails from AST.

The multiple e-mail PM notifications seem to be about the mass PM I sent out a couple of days ago ("AST Update feedback needed") and not for single "member to member" PM's.

We are still in the process of investigating why the site is suddenly sending out multiple email notifications (in my case, I have received none) and some steps have already been taken to hopefully stop any further emails about the AST update. I hope it has worked until we get to the bottom of this and have it fixed properly.

Do let me know whether it has worked and provide as much information as possible (e.g. Multiple emails during a certain period? Continuous emails? All for the same PM?).

It goes without saying that it was never my intention to spam members, let alone with multiples of the same notification. I apologize for any upset caused by this episode. We've been lucky at AST, with a minimal amount of bugs over the last few years. However bugs are inevitable and the timing of this one couldn't be worse.

To make doubly sure this isn't repeated I will NOT be sending out any further mass PM's. Certainly, not until this bug has been fixed, and may just post updates on the main forum instead.

I do hope this experience hasn't put anyone off from our friendly little Trek community.

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