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model kits and manufacturer listing

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:12 am
by Xen
this started way back when in the ten-12 days for just 1/2500. then it was moved over to ast. other scale lists were added to each section.

keeping them updated and tidy was a bear though. so, my question to the masses would be;

1 is it worth bringing back the kit and manufacturer listings [this time including what might be coming soon].

2 if so, should we have multiple lists or one giant list for all scales?

Re: model kits and manufacturer listing

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:49 am
by Kratok
I'm torn.

To be of value, this really has to be kept up to date. That requires someone with a lot of time, an interest across ALL scales, and the dedication to keep it fresh. With so many Trek models at Shapeways, and so many Shapeways stores coming and going, that becomes really challenging.

That said, the old list DID let me know about some kits that I might otherwise have missed out on. And a few i actually DID miss out on. So it is a service that has value for AST members.

If it does come back, I think one large list makes more sense. I suspect it would be easier to maintain one list instead of multiples. Just scroll to your scale of interest. Not sure where that all-inclusive document might reside, since the directory structure of AST is by scale. I suppose it would have to go in its own category, maybe as a sticky under General Trek. Or as a subject of its own in the same general area.

My $0.02, anyway.