Bringing back the Wants List

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Re: Bringing back the Wants List

Post by burwellian » Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:32 pm

In 1/1400, from a mix of eras:

- Abbé (Movie era)
- Akyazi (Movie era)
- Probert concept of the Ambassador (Lost era)
- Ares (Pre-TOS era)
- Bonaventure (Pre-TOS era)
- Calypso (late TNG era)
- Daedalus (Original and/or ENT'ified, ENT/Pre-TOS era)
- Diligent (late TNG era, bonus if the nacelles can be made to go in and out)
- Hokule'a (Movie/Lost era, Mark's version)
- Interceptor (late TNG era)
- Korolev (Lost/TNG era)
- LC class (ENT era)
- Merced (Movie/Lost era)
- Okinawa (Movie era, from Starfleet Command game)
- Shangri-la (Movie/Lost era)
- Vesta (Late TNG era. Ideally cheaper than the $400 that it is to print on shapeways)
- ...and designs from EAS: Benjamin Franklin (Lost era), Hannibal (TNG era), Hercules (pre-TOS era), Hydra (TNG era), Mosquito (TNG era), Newton (Lost/TNG era)
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