To Light or Not To Light - That is the question

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Re: To Light or Not To Light - That is the question

Post by nova1972x » Sat May 13, 2017 8:52 am

TonyG2 wrote:
2. the scale I build is 1:2500 and 1:1000. As far as I am concerned, someone who can manage to put lighting in a 1:2500 Enterprise-A is a master builder! I don't consider those sizes worth my time lighting.
I can't recall if Johnny Lightning ever released a "cloaked Enterprise A" ie a transparent plastic version. They did do the NX-01 and Klingon D7 in transparent plastic.

I imagine you can do with those what I am planning to do with a transparent F-Toys Defiant which is to

1. drill a hole into the underside of the model which will serve both as a stand mount and to insert a single white LED
2. Build a stand with a hollow step to take the wiring into a base.

3. Paint and decal the model (use the decals from the AMT Cadet kit) and paint the engines using red and blue transparent acrylic paint.

4. Use a very (very) fine drill bit to make tiny holes into the paint so that light shines through to represent windows, running lights etc.

I have managed to get hold of a few of the clear Defiants that I understand are knock offs. Certainly the quality of the painted models is not good but as they are so cheap I can afford to make errors on the clear ones. It will be a matte of trial and error to see how much top coat paint I will need to prevent light bleeding through. I may need a multilayer approach - silver basecoat to reflect back the light diffusing through the model, a black second coat to trap the light and then the upper grey main scheme.

If I ever get this done I will post it. Silence can be interpreted as an abysmal failure...

I expect the latter :D
If you do get t done, you are a master builder! I'd love to see it regardless of your results. And jut to clarify, I wasn't being critical of anyone who attempts to light a 1:2500 scale.

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