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Re: Star Trek Discovery breadcrumbs

Post by NCC1966 » Tue May 23, 2017 10:36 pm

el gato wrote:Still, don't be surprised when several of us will be contacting you for torrents of this series
Well, everything I have to say about this is that anyone that do that will just waste time because I won't answer any message about such subject even in PM. The reason is because I don't support or promote piracy activity. One thing is I search and download stuff from questionable origin for my own entertainment now other completely different is to get engaged in the distribution of content or even links to it.

Nonetheless it's not any rocket science. Just Google the name of what you are wanting to download together with the "torrent" word and you will be granted with a BUNCH of links where you can find virtually anything. Beside that you will need to install a free torrent client software easily found. Of course, do that under your entire responsibility.


However I should mention that you people that live in USA may want to be very careful about this because for all effects this is an illegal action when you download not authorized content of any kind. As far as I know the Internet providers there use mechanisms to record your searches and navigation so you may be watched and tracked down by some kind of government office such as FBI, RIAA or whatever. I have heard about American people being prosecuted for downloading illegal music and video. I really don't think that it worth to take chances for such small savings. If I was in your shoes I would prefer to pay for any content I want to watch or just wouldn't watch it at all.

For whom lives outside North America and Europe, though, the story is completely different. Here in Brasil, for instances, the government doesn't give a sh*t for the downloading of unauthorized content. There is not even an official policy about this and USA (from where mostly of this content comes) has no jurisdiction here. Sure that Brazilian government has the perfect notion that this is a law infringement and they have International copyright treats with USA but the fact is that our politicians have other things more important in their agenda at the moment. Here they only will go after people that keep websites with illegal contents to make money by increasing traffic to sell advertisement space. I never heard of ANY regular person till the date that has been chased or even warned about such activity.

I believe that one day things will be very different and THEN I won't do it anymore. But it will take a long time still it happen. Till there I will keep happily downloading stuff for my OWN (and only) entertainment.



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