33 inch TOS Enterprise - Studio Scale Replica (Pic heavy)

For all other scales including 1/72, 1/537, 1/650 and Studio.
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el gato
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Re: 33 inch TOS Enterprise - Studio Scale Replica (Pic heavy)

Post by el gato » Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:20 am

Tesral wrote:Hey good to see you back.
What he said. I've been missing these types of posts
RogueWolf wrote:I've sacrificed many dozens (maybe even hundreds) of gummy bears to the dark modeling gods to grant me my wish... but I fear my offerings only amuse them, not appease them.

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Re: 33 inch TOS Enterprise - Studio Scale Replica (Pic heavy)

Post by egadgetguy » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:46 pm

I've been lurking on this thread; actually just reading every post... but I couldn't add my $0.02 because I had not yet registered.

First, I want to laud you for making this effort. I don't know if I could undertake this size project. I do wish I could...

Second. Please do not destroy the plans. at least not the notes. I would buy this book [esp' if it's an ebook.]

I have built a fair amount of models, though I would not consider myself among the best. Several of those models have been star trek based. I have lost many of the models I have made previously. [Moms! Ugh. - Quit throwing out our stuff!!!]
some of the Ones I've lost include
AMT ERTL? 6676 1975 USS Enterprise NCC-1701 built ~1975
Klingon bird of prey, Romulan [ old style], and Galileo shuttle craft. built 1976-1979
Then Enterprise A with lights built in 79-80
I have a ~1975-1984 18" that I built about 2006-7

I am working on 1/2500 scale triple model right now and has a few kits I've not opened.

I am considering buying the 1/350 scale and if I do that, I may make my own light kit. WHY? Because I feel there are limitations to the kits AND the expense! more than the model? What?

I appreciate the work you've done and I myself can think of many reasons to scratch build one. Authenticity of a scratch built model Vs a Kit version... It would be made from same or similar materials as the original And, even though there's a Kit that's 32", which seems very close. It's not exact. Like, why didn't they make that on exactly 33.75" like studio model? Was it to make it exactly 1/350th? what would be wrong with 1/336.711111111th? they could say it's 1/337th?

Keep up the good work...

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Re: 33 inch TOS Enterprise - Studio Scale Replica (Pic heavy)

Post by Shaw » Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:10 pm

Even though I haven't been able to do much in the last few years, the model is still sitting here (assembled, but not yet glued together). Even in it's unfinished state, it is still a nice looking model.

This is how it is holding up...

Click to enlarge

Better than me, oddly enough. :o

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Re: 33 inch TOS Enterprise - Studio Scale Replica (Pic heavy)

Post by Tesral » Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:40 am

Still interested.
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