Star Trek Adventures

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Star Trek Adventures

Post by DefiantClient » Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:49 am

Hey all, long time no see. Just wanted to see if anyone knows about or would like to know that a new tabletop Star Trek RPG has been released as of a few weeks ago. The PDF is available immediately when you buy, so all you technically need to play is that and some cheap gaming dice.

I've been going over the rules this week with a friend and I have to say, Star Trek Adventures is a very streamlined and fun RPG. Can't really get too heavy into the rules, but the basic premise of the game is a 2 D20 system. You need to succeed at tasks and you always start with 2 D20. You can use a generated pool of chits called momentum to potentially get more dice to roll. You need to get a certain number of successes and to determine that, you combine a couple stats. For example, you could combine Command and Conn stats to make a standard maneuver with a starship. Let's say that combined number is 13, and the number of successes you need is 1. To succeed at the piloting maneuver, you need to roll the 2 D20 and if you get a result of 13 or lower (1's are good 20's are bad!) you succeed. there's a bit more to this, but this is the basic rolling mechanic and I really think it's great.

I'm planning on playing a game this Thursday and hopefully will be running a game in August or September. I'm planning on using my 1/2500 ship miniatures for my game, so I decided the first ship in my storyline will be the adventures of the USS Lexington. It should pick up a bit after the M-5 incident and Commodore Wesley is promoted to Admiral (my head canon, probably not actual canon.) I'm hoping to build some custom miniatures and terrain for my game, so maybe I'll post it all here when I get to it. For now, I hope this new game catches on and maybe gives some people (like me) inspiration to work on some projects.

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Re: Star Trek Adventures

Post by kobayashimaru » Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:31 am

thanks for sharing defiantclient!
I hope it goes well for you and you'll be hooked hehe.

forgive the verbose reply, but i'm excited also for the Modiphius Trek
and more trek-RPG for local trek-fan-clubs!

let's hope that this modiphius trek does catch on like wildfire!
Its trekRPG for a new era, with some nods to FASAtrek too.
(which, FASAtrek is also enjoying a new renaissance too)
FASATrek will be a go-to for TMP and lost-era recreation, or a quick skirmish/liteRPG.

I think it's adaptable to play at any scale, the new Modiphius,
and I'll be looking forward to the borg expansion in the not-to-distant future :borg:
(a german friend was kind enough to send me the promo locutus figure, hot dang it is awesome!
Johann, danke-schon und bitte!)
it's going to get a thread at and on boardgamegeek it's starting up,
so it's all awesome.
(German-speakers get a little inside preview hint a few weeks before other folks,
so it's a fun little germany preview, sorta like how a lot of stuff like MtG or DUST etc give CONUS/NorthAmerica a preview or north america only stuff.)

I'm also looking forward to Modiphius Perry Rhodan und das deutsche-kateers! game coming soon.
Perry Rhodan is hilarious and fun, das americana-punkt or reichspunkt/weirdwars dieselpunkt,
it'll be creepy and sorta like wolfenstein or tannhauser.
Perry Rhodan sagas are some of the best Sci Fi stuff hehe.

I'll be demoing a couple of exhibition matches in
USC gaming center and at ACT Barton games-con,
we'll be using a combo of Galeforce 9 starmaps and 1:4848.48* scale minis,
as well as larger starships for the skirmish mode,
and will hopefully have a lot more completed 1:48 scale tabletop stuff for the away missions by tournie time.

Honestly, I think that 1:48 will catch on much faster than the ship scale stuff.
Agis Neugebauer has excellent scale comparison images, and several articles on it.
awayteam battles and skirmishes will be very familiar to FFG Imperial Assault or Tannhauser fans immediately.
it'll be 'era recreation', so TOS, TMP, TNG, PostNemesis, and NuTrek/"Brams'Verse".
I look forward to recreating ST:Insurrection's Baku Evacuation.

for fun, you could also have stuff like SWMinis v STMinis crossover, they're nearly to the same scale hehe.
Knight Models scales very nicely to both, and, low and behold, they make both trek and wars.

it'll be very familiar to D20 modern and Decipher-TrekCCG fans,
or fans of Star Trek:Fleet Captains (some of modiphius trek is by the same folks involved in Fleet Captains).

I hope we'll see 1:2500, 1:1000 and maybe even the huge 1:350 scale stuff for "jousting" style
exhibition stuff - it'll be great to have the larger scale ships see some play,
as well as keeping the good-copy or perfect display version for home collection.
I hope that'll be an injection to the hobby :D

you have 2 a side, and points-limit/upgrade limit,
and they duke it out. It will be good fun! up to 8 players with 2 ships each on an 8 x 4' table.
(especially if the models light up, and you use a projector for the weapon effects etc.)
I don't know if "launch shuttles" will come into Red Alert combat stuff,
but, it might for ships like the Prometheus or with "multi-vector-assault-mode"

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Re: Star Trek Adventures

Post by Tesral » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:31 am

I don't know how many people actually know what Perry Rodan is. I do, I read many of the English translation paperback from the 70s.
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