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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 11:58 am
by kobayashimaru
long time no update folks,
yet there is hope - a lot of new borg signals coming to ST:AW.
In particular, a borg queen's cube with sphere...

I have to say, it's 'meh' compared with other options out there,
and even compared to the very similar previous STAW borg cube.
The stat cards will be what folks will be chasing moreso from this,
as Warp Models makes a much nicer model,
and some 3D printed options are now coming ontap :D
the sphere which detaches from that cube oughta be more like the Eaglemoss or the hallmark ornament in scale and detail,
but to save cost etc, it's just a Tactics sphere repackage or reprint with marginally better stats.
the stat cards are awesome though, and this variant of the queen is much more borg-esque.
we've got the endgame 'ultimate' borg queen now, so it's pretty much set

I notice also, the 'official' Borg Pylon and Borg Assimilator will be coming soon too,
and they function rather like the boardgamegeek custom cards in effect
(even with "Polaron Beam" etc)
the tactical Pylon probably won't be anywhere near the boardgamegeek one though,
perhaps borg-tholian webspinner was a little too overpowered for an already overpowered faction? :lol:

will 'official' tetrahedra and interceptors/'borg 'probe' be coming soon too?
that would be awesome! if the 'official' tetrahedra are similar sized to my custom ones, a player oughta get a wing of 3 of em for the $18USD mark... the borg interceptor oughta be slightly upscaled relative to my one or the shapedways one, and around $20USD but with much needed borg engines cards...

especially if the 'tactical' tetrahedra is costed very similarly to the one on boardgamegeek,
all that would then be left for the collective,
would be the 'upscaled' tactical cube*, (this is a must-have/definite want of any borg fan; eaglemoss japan fans already have this covered hehe)
the fusion cube, - that's 9 cubes joined together
the transwarp gate (a reliable birdy tweets thats probably going to be a league-kit thing),
and an interlink node,
a tesseract,
and the borg collective will be complete in ST:AW.

more pepakura proxies to follow;
unfolding the net of the transwarphub/unimatrix is being a pain in the you know where hehe

Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 2:20 pm
by DefiantClient
Did you already get that cube and sphere or are you going off what info was already released for them?

Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 3:56 pm
by kobayashimaru
I've acquired the statcards,
but having seen it at the local game shop,
non-plussed by that compared to the Warp Models queen's cube or the wizkids 'oversized cube' even,
or custom cube plates which are out there hehe

the stat cards are awesome though -
if drone counters on your ship are double or more of your hullpoints,
then "ship assimilated".

for scenario play, when the cube is destroyed, enemy federation flagship has drones aboard muahaha,
it will be fun for scenario play no doubt -
I'm more lamenting the 'I just got the last cube" hehe :lol:

I am happy that the Pylon and the Assimilator will be becoming 'official' ships too,
that'll be good fun,
and break up the boring of sphere v sphere fleets hehehe

Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 10:22 pm
by DefiantClient
That's pretty cool. Where did you find the plates for the cube you're talking about? Shapeways or some other site? Get me some links, I wanna see. :D

Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 1:24 am
by kobayashimaru
time for some benign thread necro.

no further developments on the 1:48 or 1:350 front. :lol:
although, I have parts to complete the "speedboat" cochrane-style shuttle in 1:48th.
I intend to mount that on an acrylic POP pivot 'flightstand',
with magnets for the hull, and a trace along the core of the stem,
to have the inductor power the onboard of the Shuttle, so it should light up.
this is taking a lot longer than anticipated, though it'll be awesome :D

turning to borgy stuff...
RNDmodels has some excellent ideas for truncated polychora,
along with Coxeter's geometer's sketchbook :D
some of which will lend themselves nicely to 'the unimatrix' :borg:
cost evaluation means that decoupage and home-made photo-etch/CNC'd balsa etc
will probably be the best way to make the unimatrix or parts thereof hehe.

the tactical cube in 1:4848 was astoundingly expensive, even for 3mm thick plates,
due to movements for the 0,1mm level of detail.
though, it looked okay lit up.

Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 8:53 pm
by kobayashimaru
I recently acquired
"Starship Collectors #109" x 2 (1 heavily damaged, 1 mint).
The damaged one will be used to recreate the "transwarp corridor implosion" variant. :lol:

I gotta say though, I thought it'd have been more detailed.
I am happy with the scale and it is a nice ship,
though, I shall be 'adapting' my 3D printed variant to be slightly larger and have more photo-etch.
and CNC'd recesses.

Sierpinski-"Tactical Tetrahedra" in glow-PLA green will also be coming sooner than later,
with lazer-etched APEC-5 packaging the perfect detail pieces (it'll be green too)

So, a few folks inboxed asking 'what happened to the Relthoza?!"
I've always felt those designs were... "Irregular", as in... Rogue-Borg or "Future Borg",
though, I am slowly acquiring more of those too. :lol: :borg2:

Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:12 pm
by Tesral
:pics2: Or it is not real.