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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Tue Mar 03, 2015 6:59 am

Hi all!
Apologies for a brief absence; real world commitments and travel tend to get in the way of the hobby - if its a choice between the hobby and eating, well... :lol:
I do have some more models on the backburner - a 1/5000 Ent C (and the Probert prototype variant), a few shapeways high-grade Sovereign class, a Steamrunner and a squadron of Sabers and Defiants. I'm also hoping to trade for some of those neat shuttles in the near future.

I'm holding off on additions to Borg Geometry at the moment, as new resin printers are competing locally and have a higher level of detail than the 0.3/0.1mm extruder I'm running.


Anywho, I was reviewing my posts here and elsewhere, and i can't believe I've never mentioned this before (or often enough);
has anyone here played GOBS Space Battles?

I thoroughly recommend GOBS, as its a free download*
especially if people want an expandable rules system and find some of ST:AW or ST:Tactics/Fleet Captains or ST:Catan to be less game based and the combat lacks a certain verisimilitude.
I recommend GOBS as a rules system, because you can account for drift etc and the log tables are quite friendly.
The system also handles larger fleets for those "big-battles", and can be adapted to any scenario you might have minis for.
You can also have 3D/4D vectoring in movement, if you really want to go to that level of depth.

Having played WotC SWRPG (and SAGA edition), and the ill-fated Battlefleet Gothic,
I found GOBS to be an intuitive system, as compared with earlier Star Fleet RPG stat based games.
GOBS feels more like the Starfleet Academy or Bridge Commander games.
The combat is much more tactical than ST:AW can be, and as power-creep sets into that game... lucky there's GOBS.

You can even continue play after destruction of your main ships - if you want to see if you could've won with escape pods and shuttles after you rammed an enemy ship at lightspeed, you could do that :lol: Q'Pla!
If you want to recreate ST:Armada 3 in tabletop format, you could.
If you wanted to enhance ST:Fleet Captains or the Decipher Cardgame, you probably could.

so more info as it happens,
and hopefully you'll enjoy GOBS for your starship games? :D

Checkout DeepSpace Pat if you're wondering what ships to get with what for your 1/4848.48* scale collection - that way you research n-th number of times, and buy only once :lol:
http://deepspacepat.blogspot.com.au/201 ... .html#more

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:46 pm

howdy, things have been hectic real-world of late,
But I've recently acquired a couple of Oversized Borg Cubes locally... (had to sell my last Federation Models Starbase to acquire them, worth it I think).

Does anyone know where a person could acquire some, in 1/5000 - 1/8000 scale?:
Griffin Class (both the variant we saw in the 1/1400 thread and the original as per ST:Armada III)
Raptor Class
Romulan Shrike class, (the scout ship from Armada, with twin hull)
Kerchan Class

and for the feds,
decent akiras x 2 (I had 2 from thunderchild shapeways... they've been chewed by a naughty fat cat with a sweettooth)
Steamrunner x 2,
1/5000 Defiant,
Norway class,
Saber Class,
Nebula class?
I might replace the Eaglemoss Prometheus and Enterprise too, some slight bending of the nacelles... and chew marks.

Im looking to replace some broken pieces from my collection heh.


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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Mon May 25, 2015 12:09 am

Some more images in the not too distant future -
from some recent GOBS gaming sessions.
some Eaglemoss Borg Spheres help to play out the scenario (which was previously shared on my blog, Mathwaffles)
although, the feds kept winning all the time,
destroying the scouting tetrahedron, the scout interceptor,
in the second scenario, destroying the support Obelisk/Pylons x 2 and the reinforcements,
and easily made short work of the Tesseract, without using the USS Premonition or the Prometheus' Multi-Vector Assault mode.

I claim a moral victory, as the Ent D's lower hull section was destroyed by the borg. :lol:

In the second game,
USS Incursion managed to evade the Romulan border patrol,
but was spotted by the fringe-cruisers and outted after Refellian failed to appease them with a trade bargain.
After the Rogue Traders fired on Incursion (disguised as a Warbird), her holo-cloak failed,
and the romulans returned en-force (replete with the Talshiar warbirds).
Incursion was destroyed before reinforcements could arrive...

Some of the most fun in ages, that was.
There were a lot of tense moments, where the games could have gone either way.

Do you ST:RPG? Do you use your ships for roleplay or strategy scenarios?
Besides StarFleet RPG, STAW or GOBS, what other rules sets do you recommend?
What are some good rules sets for 'boarding' and ship to ship actions? The Klingons might be making an appearance in the game group, and they need some appropriately klingon-esque rules (the player 'speaks' klingon, they're a diehard klingon/alice cooper fan) :lol:

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:08 am

Okay - so,
the following will not work for: spheres, polychora, pieces requiring torsional stability.
the secret to getting the cube to print in faces, is:
1) replace the hot end with a custom, conic/vshaped hotend (with a 'angled preset channel"), This ensures as little chance as possible of extruded material splashing up and grabbing onto the hotend (and subsequent destruction of the print layers...)
2) alter the feedrate and the print move speed - feedrate for 1.75mm in a 3mm hotend, of 187,
flowrate, on paper between 130 and 150, but between 110 and 130 is perfect.
3)make the move speed between 80mm^s^2 and 110mm^s^2, with perimeters being 400 and gapfill 800, and detail pieces as a separate 40mm per sec layer.
4) make your own lower res mesh, and make sure everything is in 1mm min res - set the k8200 print resolution to 1-3mm minimum.
A part of a cube which prints reasonably well at 3-5mm thickness and 10-30%fill, in less than an hour per face.

Needless to say,
the face which intersects with the base/stand, will be thicker.
Each face may then be greeblied to taste, with extra sprue, photoetch, plasticard, resinmodel bits, 3D printed bits, etc. Corflute or thickpolycard is attached to the back. (it can be stapled and glued on). Fly mesh (which comes in different kinds), lace, and other transparent shapes can be adhered - and the polycard can be translucent - this will come in handy, if the cube is intended to be lightup when displayed.
All that remains is to join the faces (via magnets, or tubing or mesh), preferably so as to be more transportable than the original. :lol:
at 189mm^3, it is smaller, yet as nice visually, as the official WizKids cube, or the Warp Models garage kit.

The plan to finish the base, is to acquire some POP acrylic signs replete with 80mm diameter base,
and then to attach 3 POP knuckles to the base, which will allow the cube to majestically be displayed AND rotated,
similar to the existing Wizkids cube. (but, as some students found, the WizKids cube not only looks so much better, it is 300% cheaper to make).

Next on the borg block:
a transwarp hub,
another segment of the unicomplex,
the Nexus,
a sphere (larger than the Eaglemoss Sphere).
Photos forthcoming as the camera becomes available.

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:03 am

Pictures at last! :D

Above: USS Incursion flies over the wreckage of a Wizkids cube. The 'wreckage', is actually a misprint from a cubeish project on the k8200 - it can be annoying to print objects that are 197mm x 197mm x 5mm thick, in timespans of less than 2 hours hehehe

Above: mayhem from the Battle of the KitchenTable; a few friends came over for gaming one afternoon, and this is the result (they lent their camera also). Not pictured/absent: 1 x custom Tactical Cube a friend made - it broke, isn't that always the way?

Above: Titan engages the fusion tesseract, while the Eaglemoss sphere gets stuck into the starboard side of Titan.
In the background, the Galaxy X/Future D takes a punishing attack from the Wizkids Cube, losing the third nacelle and part of the saucer section to the harsh cutting beam.

Above: The initial turn. More Borg would have been present, if technical difficulties hadn't been a thing.
in-universe: the Feds thwarted their transwarp corridor...

Thanks for your patience and for persevering with camera problems at my end.
If you've got some "happy snaps" of your versions of the .stls, or your own custom borg geometries etc,
feel free to share them. :D
Its amazing where the tetrahedrons have wound up, and what people have managed to do in remixing the Pylon/Obelisk or Tesseract (I've seen a couple I've made be illuminated with LEDs, they look AWESOME! others have printed in translucent green filament, and they look positively evil under black light)

If you know how to get a 197mm x 197mm x 5mm cube plate to print in less than 1hour reliably on a k8200,
let me hear from you :lol:

If you can print a 127-Cell on a k8200, teach me hehehe I cannot, even with a super-tuned and re-tuned machine, get it to work reliably with the k8200 even with raft settings. It works, just not 110%. :oops:

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:15 am

Thanks for the rapid inbox - its a good question, so I'll answer publically -
The Wizkids cube, it's around the same size as the Warp Models cube (slightly larger, and much heavier, if not quite as detailed) - its 234mm^cubed, or 1.25 of the Hallmark/Furuta/Eaglemoss sovereigns cubed - perfect for the First Contact cube scale.

You're correct, in that,
the papercraft cubes,
some other decoupage cubes,
and my 3D printed cubeish project, being 197mm ^ 3, is significantly smaller.
However, it will be as detailed if not moreso than the Wizkids (but not the Warp Models cube, yet easily 50 x more detailed than the Eaglemoss "free subscriber paperweight cube"),
and have the distinct advantages of :
transportability (being plates which magnetically connect, or, which attach to a mesh or tubing assembly),
storage and display - being mountable on a POP Acrylic flight base, or able to be easily lit up,
potentially cost effective (this is still undecided, as it is not yet consistent to print at the quality we're looking for)

All that aside,
this is the scale the Tesseract was originally supposed to be in -
197mm cubed, with 6 pcs total which all symmetrically connect in the center, not the 7 piece smaller tesseract we see
Cube type 1 (the really hollow-y, scaffoldy kind from Legacy and Armada 3),
and the Tactical Cube in 1/5000 scale, they're around 197mm cubed also.
It's just a nice size, and not to nasty on the plastic/corflute etc.

a shout out to "TheBenj"
who made an EXCELLENT decoupage cube, using:
pepakura template,
plastruct O and HO I-girders,
and minimal sprue/photoetch.
It is a VERY EFFECTIVE looking cube, and apparently cost less than $20USD, and only took 3 hours total to make
(making it quicker and better than some 3D printed options).
Excellent work, "TheBenj".
--- here's hoping you share your awesome work here on AST sometime soon, especially your decoupage "Unimatrix" project - that thing belongs in a museum! :D

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:33 am

3D printer headache - same printer, same print settings, inconsistent print outcome.
These last 2 plates are ANNOYING!
as soon as I am able, I am getting a different feeder and hot end assembly.
using 1.75mm in 3mm feed system, it can work well for small print,
but not at all for the 197x197x5mm object.

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:09 am

Hi all!
thanks for making the tetrahedra, pylon and the tesseract projects a smashing success -
I'm chuffed when I get some emails from where they've ended up, or people who have enhanced/adapted some of the meshes - the Borg fans are awesome!

Recently, there were some requests for more pepakura/paperkraft things,
and so I try a simple thing on GIMP - probably, you can do better, but for 30mins, it is not bad.
Gimp's "Circuited" and "QMaze" commands, are AWESOME for making textures, and cubes.
simply print on A4 or a3 at 157mm^2, and you'll have a 1:5000ish cube for fun -
somewhat larger than the stock cubes, somewhat smaller than the WizKids, Eaglemoss or Warp Models Cube

Above: a mid-res cube, generated using MSPaint and Gimp. a more complete method is provided on thinking n waffling.
The .xcf is available on the blog, with all the layers readied. Feel free to remix, download and try. It must be absolutely free - CBS is awesome, ST fans are awesomer.


Above: A tactical superimposed, tactical elements from "Sirius Replicas" http://www.siriusreplicas.com/models/sc ... borgpm.htm --- visit them, and enjoy the awesome! :D
Use the 'tactical armor' components, as spots where you can use magnets, to make those sections raised and detachable.

Above: A dirtier approach ala ST:VOY, made by a local borg player from the local game club. It was so awesome, I had to share it, great work, Karl!. Tactical elements superimposed, again, from "Sirius Replicas")

A more toner-cartridge-friendly variant is also available, for if you wish to print at the local library.
I am in the processes of converting some vectors and MSPowerPoint art into Gimp Brushes to make the intermediate pipe/detail layer. I can't wait to see what you come up with;
and, luckily, already others have made the Tactical Cube pepakura, which you could super-impose over the top of this.

So, you could easily print these at a local printers/cooperative (or some recent decal printing kickstarters), and if you provided your own balsa or MDF, or corflute, you could have your cube plates as a base, with extra details and greeblies/'texture' you could then glue atop.
This will be a nice option which will be cheaper and quicker than a full 3D printed cube at this time - and perfect for the many local players who wanted some bigger cubes or more of the glowy-green effect.

Also, while I think of it...
has anyone that pepakura plan from '08 for a 1:4000 borg sphere?
i can remember it contained many concertina folds, and also was a vertical layered build - it looked interesting,
but I can't find it even on the wayback machine :o

your feedback on the image is valued --- what works, what doesn't? What is missing? what could be improved? are the shades 'authentic' - too yellow, too green, too luminous? Is the auto-patterned pipework not haphazard enough?,
and better yet, your printed pepakura/papercraft would be EXCELLENT to see :D

I'm having some troubles slot n tabbing the Queen's Octahedron to scale with the Wizkids/Warp Models cube... does anyone know how to fold those weird 'turrets' above the mainsphere?

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:53 am

Hi all!
Forgive the glut of inactivity, I've been real-world busy...

Now, this installment is more about rules stuff, for ST:AW.
Specifically, for The Borg (faction pure) in 180/200pt games;
I've been a borg player for a long time in other games, Decipher, Fleet Captains, GOBS etc...
but in ST:AW, what always irked me was - how the Borg Queen functions as an Admiral/Capt.
She hurts her own team more than she helps, as many have noted.
Leaving only Locutus or umpteen non descript drones, or Hugh, or Lore. Whoopy! There needs to be more options, and although I wouldn't mind 7 of 9 for Borg stuff... I'd prefer some different borg stuff.

The Borg Queen needs to;
cost a little more, but give more board-wide stuff,
'regenerate' drones +1 per turn on all Borg Starships |see what I did there, regenerate? hehehe|
introduce transwarp repositioning, but, with scatter dice and the large arc template.
Maybe a 'disable equipped upgrade -> prevent damage" board-wide ability?

I'm thinking, if she cost 27ish points as an admiral, but she gave regenerate and transwarp reposition/transwarp conduit, it'd be alright.

If she's defeated, then all Borg starships -1 drones, and they are defeated, save on sensors check. (couldn't decide if sensors, or best-of-3 coin toss).

If the borg queen is a capt. (much better, IMHO),
she should lose the transwarp reposition, but friendly borg within range 1 are +1/+1, and retain 'regenerate drones +1", she'd be 15-20pts at that...

I have to re-think some of the takes on the Pylon/Obelisk,
and the tetrahedron.

A few folks made the Obelisk into more of a "Tactical Cube +"
with ridiculous turn arc, ( 1 forward, 1 30deg left right, 2 hook turn left right, 3 Push/Exhausting foward or 45deg left right rear, 4 reverse, 5 push/exhausting reverse, 6 Doubley Exhausting Hook turn rear left right)
4 Upgrade Slots,
7 Weapons
2 Agility (what the?)
8 Hull
5 Shields

Action Bar: Evasive Maneuvers (what the?), Scan, Battle Stations, Acquire Target Lock

Squadron Cost, 39Pts (what. the.?) for regular, 47pts for the 'heroic' variant.

It gets better,
the Heroic Variant has the ability:
"Instead of attacking, this pylon may activate "Borg-Tholian Warp Barrier" equipped and powered card, draw a line between this pylon and another pylon which also has equipped and active "Borg-Tholian Warp Barrier" - no ship may move via any means through the barrier. If a ship attempts to pass through the barrier, it is stopped, and suffers as many attacks as the prevented remainder of movement."

What the heck?! for 47pts? that is far too cheap.
Admittedly, the barrier itself costs 7points, but, two pylons and a sphere, or two pylons and 2 tetrahedra should not be that powerful. It's ridiculous.

I propose:

Movement: as per Borg Cube, not the Soong Type or ridiculous Jem Hadar or 8472. That's, 90deg arcs and can adjust the facing as per the Borg Cube, Queen's Octahedron, Borg Tactical Cube and my Scout Fusion Tesseract.
3 Upgrade Slots: at most, 1 crew. (You can have of course a flagship)
Weapons: 5
Agility: 0. that's 0 agility.
Hull 7
Shields: 8
Action Bar: Battle Stations, Acquire Target Lock (no scan, so as to prevent uber builds)

For the special ability, that sorta works for the Borg-Tholian Warp Barrier, but... there needs to be saves, otherwise people aren't going to want to play. Turn 2, Borg player has Transwarped to cardinal points on the board, and activates the Warp barrier, while a shifty sphere comes in for 8 dice per ship. Not fun.
On the upside? The warp barrier prevents flanking by cloaked ships.

I was saving Agility for smaller borg ships, like "the borg interceptor/'probe', tetrahedron, rectangle, assimilated craft" more like the avatar of tomed. So,

Borg Tetrahedron: 17pts
Movement: (klingon bird of prey, with the Borg Cube movement rules, and instead of the reverse 4 Aux, a reverse 3 aux but 'come about')
Weapons 2
Agility 4
Hull 2
Shield 3
Upgrade Slots: 2 (one engine, one hull/systems)
Action Bar: Evasive Maneuvers, Scan, Battle Stations

Tactical Tetrahedron: 33pts
Movement: (Romulan Science Ship, with the front facing movement from Defiant, and Borg Cube movement rules. note - no reverse capacity, more like a crab, this can scuttle 1 sideways and adjust facing)
Weapons 4
Agility 3
Hull 3
Shield 4
Upgrade Slots: 3 (1 Weapons, 2 Hull)
Action Bar: Acquire Target Lock, Battle Stations, Assimilate
Special Ability: Whenever this ship deals critical hull damage, it does an additional 1 unpreventable damage. If this ship is engines disabled, and has 0 Drones aboard, this ship is defeated.

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Sat Jul 18, 2015 1:43 am

Pt 2, as I thought the previous ST:AW discussion was a bit long hehe

Fusion Scout Tesseract - based on USS Prometheus (so, make yours a little closer to Prometheus hehe)
Cost: 53pts
Movement: (in Tesseract Mode, as per Borg cube, but all ranges -1 (to a minimum of 1). No "come about" rear movement). in Multi-Vector Assimilation Mode, each fragment moves separately...
Weapons: (Tesseract Mode - 5)
Agility: (Tesseract Mode - 0)
Hull: (Tesseract Mode - 9)
Shields: (Tesseract Mode - 8)

Upgrade Slots: 7
Action Bar: Acquire Target Lock, Assimilate, Multi-Vector Assimilation Mode*

Special Ability:
Every 3 turns, this ship may choose to activate Multi-Vector Assimilation Mode;
This Ship consists of 7 parts,
a scout cube,
6 x Borg Pyramid.

In order to separate, roll a d6: that many segments break off from the ship. You may remove drone tokens to increase this number by 1 section per 2 drone tokens spent.
In order to reform: more than half of the component sections must remain, and above half health, one of which MUST be the core scout cube. Move the sections to within range 1, roll a d6. That many sections reform. You may remove drone tokens to increase this number by 1 section, per 1 drone token per separated section wishing to reform, spent.

Scout Cube (for victory purposes: cost 30)
Movement: as per STAW scout cube
Weapons: 1
Agility: 2
Hull: 1
Shields: 2
Upgrade slots: 1 (taken from the fully formed Tesseract)
Action Bar: Evasive Maneuvers, Scan, Multivector Assimilation Mode
Special Ability: Multi-Vector Assimilation Mode*

Borg Pyramid* (for victory purposes: cost 25 per segment)
Movement: either as per Vorcha or as per Romulan Warbird, but with Borg Cube movement rules
Weapons 3
Agility 1
Hull 2
Shields 3
Upgrade Slots: 2 (assigned from the fully formed tesseract)
Action Bar: Scan, Acquire Target Lock, Battle Stations, Assimilate, Multi-vector Assimilation Mode
Special Ability: at any time Pay 2 drones tokens: The Borg Player may permanently discard an equipped upgrade to prevent all damage from an attack (including otherwise unpreventable damage from all sources).

I can see a few ST:AW players will be scratching their heads on the prototype v3.1 Tesseract,
but let me explain -
I figure that this was what inspired the federation to come up with prometheus...
You enter play with an unassuming smaller cube (6-8inch^3). it's 53 points, has 7 upgrade slots, and doesn't look like too much of a thre----
boom. Turn 1, Multivector assimilation mode:
you roll a 4, so have to discard 4 drones, or accept that only 4 extra pyramids just showed up! :lol:
4, not quite defiants.
Each pyramid is a mid level threat, and the design aim is that, these come into play with full health, and can steal upgrades off of other ships (all your torpedoes or hull, armor, shielding, are belong to us),
if you choose the starting upgrades carefully, play your strategy right and have careful timing and luck on your side --- effectively nerfing the Uber-Ent E build, the Prometheus 'buckwild' build, the romulan tanking builds and the klingons...

its late in the game
you're getting pummeled by a mirror borg fleet, or 8472, or the dominion/breen...
You've taken a lot of hull damage, and lost some upgrades. But, you've put a fair amount of hurt on the opposition, and you don't think they'd last another turn or two...
it's a turn multiple of 3 - things are looking up for the borg!
Time to freshen things up - Multivector Assimilation Mode. Success, a 6! A clean break, and all ship sections return to full health!
You could lose a few sections of the tesseract, and still be feared... :lol:

But, all this comes with some trade-offs:
You have to think in advance - 3 turns ahead, because thats the only window for breaking or reforming the tesseract.
Breaking or reforming the tesseract wastes a valuable turn (and any assimilated upgrades over the 7 slots for the fused tesseract!) that you could have spent shooting, target locking...

If you do choose multivector assimilation mode,
It could be 'out of the frying pan, into the fire": you healed up, but Now, you've given the enemy smaller bite sized chunks. good luck playing 'keep away' with your Core Scout Cube - your tesseract depends on it!
The bite-sized chunks might be underpowered if the opposition didn't use many upgrades...
and, those bite-sized chunks hand over extra victory points if they die - lose any more than 2 sections, and you're going to hurt from Multi-Vector Assimilation Mode.
To the tune of 180points, or your whole squad, if the tesseract is defeated.

I'd be keen to hear your thoughts, especially on refining the Scout Tesseract -
I want Multi-Vector Assimilation Mode to be slightly better than Multi-Vector Assault Mode of Prometheus.
Yet, if played well, Prometheus and a warship squadron could easily defeat a Tesseract.

I also wanted something that could allow borg to field more ships on the field within 180pts cap,
all too often, its a Tac Cube and 2 Spheres, or a few spheres... rarely, a Soong or all-assimilated ship.
A little variety for the borg goes a long way.

Finally, the ability of the borg to use the MultiVector Assimilation Mode Scout Cube with a side game of 'keep away' as a distraction, might finally encourage even more movement around the board; especially for "Ruler of the Quadrant" matches. In play testing, this naturally resulted moreoften than not, but, earlier...
allowing the Borg player to decide how many upgrade slots and what type they were for each of the separated segments... that led to some OVERPOWERED 'Negative-Gaming-Experiences" from playtesters hehehehe

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