Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

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Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Mon Sep 22, 2014 12:58 am


Its great to be here and to finally lurk less and give back more to the AST community!
You might've seen me elsewhere in the past, as I do maintain a webpresence elsewhere with a similar handle.
I've gamed in many different areas, from real-world scenario soldier, to SWMinis, to FFG figures... and at one time, saddly, even *shudders* W40K (though Killteam is OK).
I only collect in minis scale, and only the factions - borg, romulans, and federation. I'd love to trade and swap and enrich/diversify the collection...
But enough about me; onto what we came here for --- minis!

Before we dive in, a brief digression on scale is in order:
seems to me, if you take many ships and look at the relative scale on the tabletop, the numbers for clix-ish ships more often than not come up as 1:4848.48* (on many ships, if you do the graph and make the line of best fit, you get a number approaching that range).
This means that some ships are too massive (defiant, oberth) while others are too tiny (sovereign, Prometheus, romulan warbird, all borg). So, basically the locals have opted for ~1:4848.48 range, with some scaling up heroes ships and others scaling up only craft smaller than 130 odd m long (yours truly falls into that latter category).
Many Furuta and Konami vessels are in scale when seen from that standpoint, as are much of the awesome offerings from Federation Models (can't speak highly enough about their range!).

Without Further Ado... onto Initial EyeCandy!
Above: one of these is not like the others, one of these things was printed 80% on a 3D printer... 1 Gahzillion brownie points to the first person to guess and post which of these it is...

Above: Big E oughta be grand, because she is the flagship of the federation after all. Furuta fills the role nicely, Konami (IMHO, the Konami variant is 'meh'). The standout option though is the Hallmark Ent E xmas decoration, as it lights up and requires minimal conversion work to be in 'nemesis' configuration!

Above: Stock Fleet Captains Voyager finding her way home, past some installations:
a romulan outpost/listening station, a doomsday weapon/space station, and a federation outpost/research station.

I think I'll leave it there for now,
thanks for reading - if you have any requests for borg, romulan or federation vehicles, be sure to submit your ideas here or on the blog - they'll be taken on board! Some thumbnail sketches (paint or freehand, whatever) or reference images are always a plus! :D

I'm keen to hear what you think of scale near the FASA/Clix scale area, and specifically what your results are when you crunch the numbers - do you find it to be 1:4848.48 more often than not also?
What vehicles/objects are landmarks for your scale?

When it comes to 3D printing, I'd sure like to discuss people's experience, especially in-home options and customising! :D

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by Moongrim » Mon Sep 22, 2014 7:21 pm

A Borg Tetrahedron...?
Most intriguing.
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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Tue Sep 23, 2014 2:06 am

Howdy moongrim, its a pleasure.
Thank you for correcting my geometry, Tetrahedron is the better term. You also win a gahzillion points heh.
Now I've gotta make a borg squircle.

Technically, the borg thingy isn't quite a true tetra-hedron: the Slicer program can't handle objects that are below the 0.1/0.2 increment, and so the top 'point' ends up being smooshed and flopping, even at the slowest possible print speed and with full cooling... I don't care though; they still look cool!

yesterday, the borg took over my printer and printed 30 odd new ships,
only 3 Federation ships were made...

Among the borg (definitely not swedish), were the interceptor, a few more pyramids (square-based pyramid and tetrahedron), an obelisk, a 'soccer ball' (or a 'not even close to being sphere-ish sphere') and parts for the assimilator.
Why did my printer stop printing borg you ask? not for lack of borg, but lack of filament!

Photos to follow soon

a kindly folk over at boardgamegeek posted this
Comparing the Eaglemoss with the furuta D. Eaglemoss is 145mm cubed, which, when compared with furuta E etc... is a little tiny but could work as a tactical cube. (the cube would be 980m cubed in 1:4848 scale).
This compares to the 8" Wizkids 'oversized cube' kit and the existing benchmark par excellence, the Federation Models Borg Kit (which is also 8inches and comes with a sphere).

Neither of those is actually to the scale that is listed loads of places as 3040-3096m cubed for a regular borg...
I figure its like the Droid Fighter from Star Wars being supposedly 3.5m long, yet in the concept sketch and the final film... it is oddly the similar size of a naboo fighter or jedi ship. (closer to the battlefront length of 8.2m).
So, I'm going with a tactical cube being 900m (so eaglemoss/federationmodels or WizKids cubes would be of that type, but non-tactical'd) and a proper cube being between 1200m and 3.6km (if you've got space for an assembled 73cm cube in your place, be sure to do it!)

So, I'll work on methods of making the assembly display and store correctly AND light up.
I'm thinking a POP base would be nicer than the black acrylic that WizKids currently uses. You can also pivot and move your borg cube in 3 dimensions... much better! A 5 joint PLA base with 3 or more sticks (each with 3 or more knuckles) will attach to the base plate.
The sides will be magnetised and 10mm thick to accomodate circuits to light up. You could of course make a static non-lightup rigid display for more permanent applications.
There would also have to be a slot-n-tab support structure on each plate in addition to the magnets, so as the thing doesn't fall apart under its own weight.

However, if you conduct mes en scene analysis of First Contact and many parts of voyager...
you notice that there are 2 First Contact cubes: the shot with defiant strafing the cube and enterprise coming between defiant and the cube yield a cube closer to 1km-1.2km cubed. This'd be a 28cm cube in scale with the Shapeways defiant and Furuta E.
the longer distance shot when the cube explodes and launches the sphere out... that is perplexing.
A norway class passes between the sphere and the cube, which momentarily is parellel and correcting for the angle the cube is at to the camera... suggests a 2.4odd KM cube.

If the sphere is 450m as indicated in the eaves sketches, and when it passes by that norway class...
the exit hole relative to the face indicates closer to 3 odd KM.

Bottom line is:
isn't it great times we live in that there are so many commercially available cubes of such high quality to be had in a convenient scale?!?! why'd it take em so long to make it? The market has presumably been there since the late 80s...
and secondly, it helps to scale the Assimilator and other types of polychora and polyhedrons/prisms that might be borgified. I assume regular borg use symmetrical regular shapes, while free-borg/rebel borg/anarchist Lore borg use irregular and complex shapes.
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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:14 pm

While I wait for borg to transwarp into the printer (thats fluff for: the printer is having trouble printing the sphere and cube plates, so I'm using corflute to make a ship...)
would anyone out there fancy a trade, seeing as how I no longer use the klingons...
There's a set of fleetcaptains klingons for trade: I'd be looking for a couple of figures in trade -
any from the following
Ent C (shapeways) *
Defiant 1:5000/1:7000,
steam runner,
1:5000 runabouts,
1:5000 Peregrine class,
akira class.
Shapeways Borg Queen's Octahedron (it'd just look so much nicer than the clix one)

Any combination of those and lets talk! :D
I can throw in a couple borg pyramids (squarebased or tetrahedrons), a couple interceptors, and perhaps an assimilator or obelisk (they'd be sans greeblies, ready for you to use as a base to customise as you like).

On the board today thanks to corflute and conduit;
borg cylinder/command ship x 1, (it'll be 'tactical'd) - made from ducted conduit, conduit, tubing and LOADS of spare sprue from a local model show: they take em there for the trash and treasure swap - great place to make borg stuff!
Borg Rectangular destroyer (ultra kit bashed from car parts etc)
Borg Trapezoidal Prism (from ST Armada 3 Mod for SINS)
Borg Cube type regular corfluted (with 3D printed micropanels and sprue details),
borg cube type STO/B6R7 destroyer type,
sphere's type 600m, 900m and scout. (the larger ones will be made several ways; I have acquired domes and acrylic sections from interior lightingplace and ikea!).
my borg will be taking experimental influence from the q source and from Asaka's awesome glass wave art ideas. His glass ideas would translate well to plastics, and that "beautiful but horrifying, grotesque and deadly" quality lurks behind all of his extraordinary glass works! That, and Che Fong (check out Che Fong and Lilian Noonan's whimsy, they're awesome with metal sculpture!)
- what art informs your customs minis palette?/ what influences are you bringing into your work?
Tactical Right-angle Augmented Obelisk: similar to the queens' octahedron, the Tactical obelisk will instead be made from 8 separate right angled 3 point pyramids... ideally this will have a multi-vector assault mode, where all the 'shards' break away, leaving the rectangle/pentagonal prism body and thin connector parts behind.
Borg Interplexing beacon (this thing is made from coffee filters and loads of aircraft undercarriages, with the dish from ST:FC as a guide).
Borg Transwarp Gate,
Borg Turrets

Federation Station McKinley - this will be the largest fed structure apart from StarBase's/Federation Models SB001 kit. It will be made from kitbashed parts, 3-6 handles from the Trade Federation Hasbro 1999 pack, and conduit.
Federation TMP era drydock: bomb bay parts from model kits provide excellent panelling at 1:4848.48*
Oberths - stock, jester (or asmodeus class for 80s peeps), 'Armstrong type' oberth medical freighter,
sabers : federation models and homegrown 3D printed
Federation Phaser and Torpedo Turrets
Federation Outpost/Colony Ship: the armada type, and the 'archangel'/'dakota' type "big ol stretch Miranda Class' type.
Federation scouts and perimeter defense craft - charger type (based on akula bridge)
My upscaled Prometheus in magnetised multivector assault mode (with large 3D printed base for action display/mounting onto a larger POP pivoting signholder base), MK2 Prometheus in multi vector assault mode with modified "defiant styled' warp nacelle for the command module --- c'mon, Defiant didn't have popup nacelles and it was older than prometheus and smaller!
Federation ships from model fueselage parts & pitot tubes.

Kazon large ships (destroyed or as 'super carrier' or larger) from Me and FW kits
Wrecked ships/ancient wrecks from melted resin kits (I strip the paint as best I can, and if that process wasnt complete or melts the model a little, thats where I start dremmel and heatgun/electrician's blowtorching till I get the look I'm going for!

Listening Post/station
Resupply Outpost - 5 clear handles from Trade Federation 1999 droid fighter + a kids snorkel periscope from the 90/80s...
Shrike ala armada,
Raptor (shapeways, perhaps augmented?)
kerchan type,
shadow type,
whitewing and winged defender.
asteroid outpost

That will take at least 3 years to finish methinks!
thanks for all the suggestions so far; don't be shy to pile more on! leave comments here or PM, either way, and thanks! :D

I'm having some issues with the Borg Cube Scale...
in the movie First Contact, it seems to be 4 different scales. In scenes with the Defiant attacking, the defiant gets to maybe only 50m from the hull, and the cube looks to be (visually measured on screen), 9.5 defiants long.
Defiant is around 150-170m long, so that would make the cube less than 2km long (1.6 cubed). The scene with enterprise taking the heat off of defiant confirms that.
Then, when the cube explodes, it is suddenly supersized, and is around 2.5-3.1km cubed... as judging by the sphere emergency escape hatch... (the sphere is just under 400m diameter), ergo its escape hatch should be 1/4 of the SA of the face of the cube.
whats the diff? I've scaled the Tactical Cube to between 150mm and 180mm, and a regular cube at 1.6km would be ~240-280mm cubed. If however, the regular cube were to be closer to 3km onscreen... it would then be closer to 65cm cubed for 1:4848 scale!!!!

So, which scale do you think is most appropriate?
(I'm leaning towards being 1.5km cubed).
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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Sat Sep 27, 2014 5:09 am

Howdy folks!

After some discussion at the blog and elsewhere, I thought I'd ask you all what you think of polychora and 4D/5D objects for application as Borg-y stuff...

I'm thinking, having gamed some more of that awesome ST:Armada 3 mod for SINS, that a tesseract would be fun to make as a large multi-vector-assault borg vehicle - a superior/analog vessel to the Prometheus.
The tesseract would be based on the Micromachines Borg 'scout' cube as the 'core' vessel, with 6 'trapezium pyramids' (trapezoidal as a Lore/anarchist borg ships... with their irregular shapes and geometry)? all forming up to make the complete vessel, or having magnets so as to be able to separate into 7 separate vehicles.
Depending on the base square and height... it could be anywhere from 150mm^3 all the way to ~180mm^3.

I'm having difficulty getting the repetier to print 'spheres'... so I'm thinking I'll use corflute round segments and parts from a spirograph kit along with cut to shape parts and printed detail bits... as well as those round orbs I picked up from elsewhere.
A sphere in scale would be anywhere between 150mm (in scale with Eaves sketch and the Furuta E), to 230mm based on that megasphere as seen at the endgame of voyager...
I do like some of the other spheres seen elsewhere, such as the StarTrekArmada 3 mod... that's a great game!

moving right along, work on the 'tactical obelisk' progresses nicely: some right-angled pyramids have been made, and I've worked around the repetier's problem with oblongs and spheres to make a nice segmented shape. This too could receive the 'multivector assault mode' treatment.

The borg cylinder/command ship has stalled temporarily: glues react with conduit and melt it, and I want a hollowed out 3-5mm thickness feel for it, and perhaps even have it light up like the Hallmark E... It's great!

Testing Tealights with the small tetrahedron and interceptor... they look great! I've just got to get some more clear PLA and I'll print the hollow flightstands which will run connecting wire to the base (a hollowed out converted borg clix base). The control circuit and the watchbattery (a CR32) sit at the bottom. You could easily swap the CR32 out for a 'rechargance capacitor' - just a little bank of capacitors from old cameras that you charge up from your solar bank, etc. That'd just mean less display longevity. Enough for a game though, and no added bulk to your clix base; all while retaining the clear flight stand.
For those who aren't as fortunate to have access to all those toys: you can simply carefully hand-drill the clear part of the clix base with a woodworking drill and a g-clamp/vice. Boom! then you can run the wire and solder it up.
*NB, you make customs your own way and at your own risk - including obvious firehazards that lit-up miniature starships have historically had. One borg cube melted during testing.

I'm up to my 10th camera, this time an Ipad, so once that's sorted, its time for another upload of imagery! :D

I'm not entirely happy with the finish that the repetier makes on 1:4848 Oberths. But I love the Saber and Vigilant classes.
The nebula dish and the sovereign class will be fun, thank goodness for calipers.
Once you've used the putty/glue of your choice to gap fill the repetier 3D print, you can then indent extra detail and paint er up. With borg, virtually no further work is needed, they're nice from the print bed.

I think the larger models will look great for the feds and roms as battle damaged or adrift figures to compliment the shapeways vehicles (which are scintilated 3D printed as opposed to hotbed extruder).

Work on the shipyards and romulan outpost/minor starbase has also commenced.

One suggestion so far/idea was "Hi I'm xyz, can you please make phaser/weapons blast effects? I've tried to for clix-ish scaled minis... and I used whipper-snipper cord and some lighters to get an undulating pattern - as fishing line or clear plastics such as those did not have stiffness or the finish I looked for. If you can make torpedo effects and phasers in different scales, and so as they are removable without harming my models, and so as they could maybe light up also, or at least be translucent, I would thank you immensely.
Your friend from Germany, xyz."
well, mr anonymous from Germany, great idea! I'll have to have a think about that and see how else to accomplish that effect. I don't know how we could get it to stick to various sized models AND be lightup (with LEDs and wiring) AND not drill recesses into your larger models. The same problem, but x 1000, would go for the Clix figures - I'm thinking we'll go more for the Heroclix style effects - a captured moment in time with translucent stuff that you could then centrally lightup from a micro LED inside the figure...
clear acrylic in 1/16th rods might more be the way to go in your application, along with your idea to use a lighter and pliers to 'undulate' the rod... the repetier might also be another way, with pre-undulated models from blender ready to print, maybe in translucent red, blue, green, ideally clear (so as the end user can paint it with tamiya/humbrol clears & translucents to whatever finish they want)

There are some adhesives which claim to be micro stick and repeatable stick/re-adhesive... that might melt our plastics though.
Anywho, I will definitely look further into this, particularly for smaller clix-sized applications.

Well, that's about it for this post.
Thanks for stopping by, and if you've got requests, be sure to leave some reference links to images here and elsewhere.
Also, thankyou for the concrit, I must say I am blown away by the AST community and the trek fanbase more broadly! Your feedback and observations help me to improve and learn how to make better customs, its a blast. :D

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Mon Oct 06, 2014 3:27 pm

Hi there!
Apologies for the lengthy absence: I've been helping to set up CAD software, repetiers and calibrating a lazer printer...
I was also put on reprimand at work for using the work scintilated printer for 'personal projects'... (tugs at shirt).
Luckily, my skillset + people skills mean I get to keep the job without demotion in pay, though I'll have to use Shapeways or a mate's printer for highquality stuff (like, federationy stuff).

Anywho, work on the additions to borg and federation stuff goes well.
At the request of some STAW players and trek gamers locally, I've made a few scenarios for gameplay.

The scenarios are loosely based around Armada 2 and 3, and feature our friend spoilers... the Premonition.
I have redesigned the Premonition somewhat, as her hull configuration is difficult to print accurately even on a scintilated lazer printer from Shapeways... I also disliked her dorsal 'dolphin phaser' temporal nacelle'. So, she's a bigger ship, closer to Furuta Ent E in size, but I botched the oval's minor axis and made it 22.5 instead of 27.5, which works.
On the bridge, I've made a symmetrical future commbadge etching, and will fill the framework in with liquid greenstuff and milliput to get the nice smooth finish... then it will be a matter of aztecing and decals...

As for the borg...

Scenario 1.
Long range scans have detected borg emissions... relay our findings to Starfleet Command, Alpha 1 Priority, and set a course, maximum warp!
As your fleet of 2000pts nears the system, a borg is detected with unusual configuration... its a 'small' tetrahedron. Your XO scans the database and suggests it must be a scout vessel for a larger fleet.

4' by 8' table,
federation sets up within 6" of long edge, borg sets up at 12 inches from the farthest federation ship.
Federation has upto 2000pts of starship - its a sector patrol, and this is part of a larger arc... as you'll see later on.
The Borg only has a scout tetrahedron - the vessel has all power directed to engines (and may not alter that), is minimally armed and has enhanced sensors.

the federation player must disable the tetrahedron by turn 6, if the tetrahedron is destroyed, the match is considered a draw (as in my local game groups rules, you can activate self-destruct as a tactic...).
The borg player must leave the opposite board edge by turn 6.

So, in this arc, I'm trying to introduce a few 'new' borg ships (with multi-vector assimilation mode),
the tetrahedron, the obelisk (advanced/tactical obelisk) and the Borg Regional Exploration Tesseract.
while showing some of the previous recursive temporal incursions that the USS Premonition must have made prior to the events we know as ST:Armada.

In this timeline, if the borg aren't defeated...
they assimilate the Chodak, the Tholians, the Breen, the Bolians (Ty Morhal's family, that stuff), The Dominion.
The tholians are responsible for a lot of the 'multi-vector' stuff, and borg are able to build vessels within protective multi-adaptive shielding cocoons. They are relentless past that point, and besiege the combined efforts of the Cardassians, Andorians, Vulcans, Orions, Romulans, Klingons, Feringi and Federation (who eventually all team up to repel the borg).
The Premonition is made from the hulk of a Negh'Var, refitted with half a dozen other systems, with a crew nearing 2000 of the finest the quadrant has to offer. Assembled from components brought together at a shipyard near Ferenginar, Premonition becomes the flagship after Earth is defeated along with much of Starfleet's assets. This is the same universe that we glimpse in the TNG episode, where Riker attempts to cross into the prime verse because of relentless borg activity.

The Borg meanwhile,
a Borg Tactical Obelisk (which can multi-vector assimilation mode) is the result of post-Tholian assimilation-
each of the 'triangle' shaped 'fighters' were formerly Tholian Webspinner vessels brought into harmony with the collective.
The Obelisk can, while in Multi-Vector Assimilation Mode, generate a 'Borg-Tholian Web', sealing off a small bubble of local space from the rest of the universe. This effectively functions similarly to the Interdictor-class Star Destroyer from Star Wars, and prevents enemies from fleeing.
Usually, the obelisk does this maneuver with one or more Borg Assimilators closeby: the idea being to trap a large ship in the bubble and wear it down while the rest of the fleet is helpless to intervene...

As STAW players pointed out, and I took their feedback onboard... Borg are broken as is,
which is why I've tried to redesign them a little. Scouts should make up the bulk of the force; STVOY was a onceoff as Voyager was in the heart of borg territory.
So, the Tactical Obelisk is 0-1, and while the Borg-Tholian Web is active, this is such a massive power drain that the vessel can't reallocate resources while the web is active; the Obelisk component vessels also take random d8 worth of damage (and we're toying while playtesting with random d12 damage table for random damage to each component ship while the web is active).
Remember, in order to re-form into the obelisk, there needs to be more than half of the total component ships at half health or above...
For the web to remain active, the core ship and at least 2 spinners need to be alive...
So, it's awesome-ly good, but its going to mess the borg up a lot. "this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you" is the maxim here...

Also, the bubble is a miserly 5"... compared to a proper Tholian Web of 12".
It will be cramped, and will force the borg to group their ships together prior to the maneuver (which will make them vulnerable to Area of Effect weaponry). This makes them vulnerable to: quantum torpedoes, tri-cobalt torpedoes, multi-phasic torpedoes, transphasic torpedoes, 'dirty' torpedoes, singularity torpedoes, deflector-generated subspace hazards, etc...
The idea is that the Obelisk shields/traps things, and the Assimilator or destroyers/interceptors then Pincer Move the target craft or reposition.

I can post a summary of the rules system if you like,
or alternately, you can take a look at the GOBS rules framework (that's all we did, and conflated it with fleet gothic and other systems till we got something fun and playable)

Until Next time, more detailed scenarios,
the Borg Cylinder, Borg Regional Exploration/Assimilation Tesseract and Borg Interceptor scenarios/rules.
Thanks for reading! :D

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:43 pm

Alrighty, here's another priority 1 message from the fleet...
(thats trekkie for more eyecandy)

Above, If I've not shared it before, an image of the workhorses of the fleet. A mobile fleet repair tender/mobile spacedock is pictured at an early stage of assembly.

A closer image of the mobile repair tender, with the awesome tiny federation models speedboat for scale.
Theres a medical type oberth class freighter at pre-gapfill stage. The shuttles are slightly upscaled, but as with STO i think it works.

The borg chase that unassailable traveler on her voyage the 70 000 lightyears home....
The micromachines cube will eventually be the core of a borg tesseract cube, once i can get the print of the 6 pyramids down below 30hrs + print time heh.

A lost-era rommie with a hallmark warbird escort - why couldnt abrams have done stuff in that era instead? oh right... 'what can we learn from lost, heroes and star wars here so i can use it as a demoreel for when I flashforward into star wars?

More pictures on the blog for those who want to play the 'guess what the lost-rommie is made of' game, and some other waffles there too you're free to comment on. :D

The Premonition with the ships of the line from 2 C's prior. Thadius Demming said he had to make prior incursions in Armada... back to the future 2 style? how many? Also, I didn't like how tiny the ship was, and couldn't get the repetier to print the curved hull design nicely. so she's been reimagined as being similar to Ent E.
Its pre-gapfill and smoothing phase, and once I'm happy with the strength of the nacelle-hull interface, and have just the right amount of greeblies, it'll be painted up to match Ent E paint scheme.
Also note the subtle homage to the Future Style Commbadge on the premonition's bridge; it'll look nice once she's all azteced up (and perhaps windowed).
Whats Premonitions registry? it says NCV05 everywhere I could see, though that doesn't jive with the NX or NCC registry system. What's it stand for anyhow? NCV - Non Canon Vessel? there's already S.S. for non-commissioned craft or simply the name of the vessel... I think NX- a 5 digit number starting with 7, so NX-72555 (2555 was the commissioning year AND the NX registry at the time Premonition was cut, so it was seen as an auspicious portent for a temporal meddling vessel, built near Ferenginar from scavenged parts by a coalition of the willing against the borg...

I'm keen to hear your thoughts and concrit/criticism of this take on Premonition - what works here for you and what doesn't? What can I do to make it look more authentic - what can I do to get that actual premonition hull shape?
(that way in subsequent versions I can make a v3 Uss Premonition and actually represent the various prior incursions... or just have the 'real' one and re-designate the 'notPremonitions').

Next time on Customisers Log, Supplemental;
progress on the borg obelisk (type 1) update, with type 2 (the one that can make a borg-tholian web) at test stage,
borg assimilator prelim stage/rough assembly (its a big one!),
more progress on the Borg Scout Tesseract.

Prometheus mk 2 and onwards - these ones have more defiant-like warp engines for the command module as opposed to the teenyweenie that pops out... that's a flimsy idea and starfleet should know better. Moving parts = broken parts, and Prometheus is s'posedta be a warship or something... therefore, more lessons from Defiant, less from the bad school of popout stuff. (multivector assault mode is however as cool as ever; the cutout in the command hull has been symmetritised though.
Some new shapes for Feds? Any suggestions on ship designs you'd like me to try? (I'm partial to a Chariot Class science wessel, perhaps with some parts from a steamrunner?)... :o

And hopefully I'll have found a person to trade these Fleet Captains Klingons to!
If you'd like to add a bunch more clix style Klingons to your fleet (they'd make great customising fodder!), PM me and we'll sort something out! I can even add a couple tetrahedrons or interceptors in there for you to borg up...

If you like the look of the borg interceptor or tetrahedron, and you'd like to trade for some of those (to borg up for your fleet), feel free to PM me here or elsewhere and we can sort something out! :D
I've already made over 40, and feedback has been generally positive. (some complained about having stuck their fingers together whilst borgifying the minis with parts they had to hand; no risk no reward heh). Some have said the Tetrahedron needs to be bigger and square based, others have said they'd prefer some irregular shaped triangular prism destroyers... I think we'll address that feedback in time, c'mon, resistance is futile and you know they'd have a flotilla of all sorts of geometry to throw at people.

My question to you though; what tactical/heavy geometry would the Borg throw at belligerent species?
Cubes and the like? we need stuff that's in between the tetrahedron and interceptor, but not a big Sphere or Big Cube... stuff like the Obelisk and Assimilator, but different. Any thoughts?


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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:00 pm


The Obelisk (type 1) is finished and painted at last! It went over a treat at the game group (everyone who attended got a pyramid for their troubles, theirs for the customising.
The scale is based directly on ingame comparisons from ST:BC and ST:Legacy, so its slightly higher than the ENT E is long, and roughly 240m for the projected square. The tholian-borg type 2 variant will be much more massive, it'll be slightly larger than the MM cube for the projected square, and 160-220mm deep. Just having some difficulties getting the 'tholian web' to dry and not be brittle -
the tholian web is made from orange-yellow and flourescent green onion mesh bags, with some treatment to make them rigid and a light .5mm wireframe for some stability.
A clear plastic version might be also in the works, or a 300mm dia. clear acrylic dome x 2 with cutouts (similarly, translecent extruded domes from acylic/plexiglass, whichevers cheaper heh).
If you've got any ideas on how to get or make a tholian web, let alone a borg variant, be sure to let me know... we're looking for it to ideally be transportable and translucent for that intermediate quality.

Back to the game session,
The scenario play had everyone play as borg vs alpha quadrant in ST:AW system rules - guess who won? (hint, the alpha quadrant found resistance to be futile). Borg are broken in ST:AW. the dominion is getting there, same for breen and the tholians can be too if you play by era.
In GOBS Trek rules though, the feds managed to win by using strategy and focusing fire on the borg, while repelling a breen and romulan opportunistic attack. (feds can do loads of stuff with their main deflectors, such as real-time 'terrain deform' and project nebulas or create singularities... its GOBS rules after all heh).
The feds main tactic was to strafe and use full spread of each of their special torps - multiphasic, quantum, tri-cobalt (from an intrepid and steamrunner) until they were out of torps. Full Spread as a firing option does different things depending on the different ships that fire them...
on the steam runner, Tri-Cobalt Torpedoes, full spread allow you to fire the full magazine in a single turn... 6 Tri Cobalts all at once. extremely dangerous AoE for anything caught in that volley. though you have to roll on the damage table and risk losing all your weapons... the template isn't particularly accurate either, especially if you moved a lot the last turn... This tended to hurt the firer more than the firer-ee? :)

Full Spread of Quantum Torpedoes lets you fire 3 at once, but you can't fire on the next turn with the torpedo launchers from that facing and or that weapon type. People liked this rule, and the large scatter template/scatter dice seemed to balance it. only akiras, sovereigns, and the post STVOY ships carry those torps anyway.
Regular Torpedoes Full Spread lets you fire 4 torpedoes in the same turn, with less of a penalty if moving. The balance here is that they're nowhere near as effective if a target's shields are still up.

These drawbacks seem nasty, though GOBS also lets you spend points on character abilities etc...
so, you can have different characters that do things - you can fire from all torpedo bays at reduced penalty, etc.

We're still experimenting with the system - we're wanting to emulate the psyker/magic phase and have a 'power resources phase' that lets you allocate stuff from the dice pool to the systems and abilities, where you want to keep a few left in the dice pool so as you can re-roll stuff and have a little power to put into other systems as stuff goes along. In test plays, this has been hard to keep workable as vehicles break, and Borg have too much flexibility atm...

So, shields, weapons, lifesupport (lets you generate additional dice while lifesupports 100%), sensors and engines.
your shipgenerates a standard amount of 'energy dice' based on the class type, + any character/crew bonuses and buffs from other vehicles.
say you're romulans and some of your vehicles don't have shields fitted anyway (just ablative armor etc), so you'd allocate all your dice to weapons and engines, leaving a little in the tank for re-rolls.
say you're the feds, and your deflector ability is chewing through your sensors/systems pool... you'd have to plan your strategy and put a few more dice into sensors - but do you risk getting caught out if you need rerolls?

To fire weapons needs a certain level of power in the weapons, to fire fullspread requires a prerequisite, so on...
Launching shuttlecraft or performing boarding actions requires power from the dicepool (not a system as such).
It all makes for interesting settings once your vehicle starts taking damage.

You can easily find yourself grinding to a standstill or becoming adrift due to minor engine damage.
Luckily, at the end of the simultaneous turns (everything plays simultaneously and resolves simultaneously), there's the damage control phase. You get to roll dice from the systems system + any dice that have made it through and are still in your dice pool + any buffs (borg get a class buff and an extra 12 odd regen dice only for use in the damage control phase) that lets you repair stuff and keep your ship in the action.

We're also toying with making 'self-destruct' a viable tactic - put all the power-dice into the engines and have the thing overload... This would be countered with negative points tallied at end of game, so as you couldn't just have all your fleet selfdestruct on turn 1 and wipeout the opposition.


do you have a particular favorite rules system?
Do you have adhoc rules, or do you recommend any systems to use with figures?

Also, if theres a ship design youd like to see made into a mini, be sure to PM me or leave a concept here on this thread. :D

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:43 pm

Small update appearing soonish with;
Borg Scout Tesseract (flight stand to follow).
Borg Obelisk Type 1 x 3 and Borg Obelisk Type 2 prototype/v2
Borg Sphere (small, to scale with the furuta/Wizkids 'sphere')
Borg larger sphere
Borg Tetrahedron Cluster/wing.

After receiving some positive BMs and PMs,
I can say I definitely do trade / sell any custom mini you like the look of here - PM me to get the ball rolling :D
I can announce that a consignment of 55 of the tetrahedrons was sold to an ondistributor, and will hopefully mean that folks can enjoy the Tetrahedron on their gaming tables at reasonable price soon.
People are shocked when they ask about how much a Borg Obelisk sells for - they thought it'd cost more, and they certainly didn't think it'd come pre-painted. I've moved a few of them along now, and one local gamer even internally lit theirs up with an LED (which you could do at your own risk for all the figures here). It looks smashing and I'm hoping they'll have a photo to share soonish.
No-one seems quite sold on the Tesseract cube concept as yet... and to be honest, I can empathise there as the trapezium pyramids don't quite look as the Armada 3 pyramids do - the insets are very difficult to reliably print or slotntab with the setup we're running at the moment. We are looking at options for 3D lazer printing instead, with larger magnets/washers also (so you can detach all the 7 component vehicles).

Which reminds me; if you'd prefer to have your figure come stock-standard (so as you can paint to taste), please certainly mention that upfront and we can accommodate that ---
I can certainly understand wanting to paint your figures so as they match your existing collection and fit right in - and it saves you from having to use paint stripper (and me from the painting and potential eyestrain hahahaha).
Its a win win!
You can also request to have 'just the geometry please' - no bits bashed parts attached, just the stock Black PLA/ABS figure, so as you can customise and finish to taste. Needless to say, opting for "base geometry only" is going to be the most cost-effective option possible :D We're talking single digits for that kind of option as opposed to other values.
The large cube project is slow going, in no small part due to minor setbacks on account of furry friends - the cat thinks that something is hiding inside, and so must knock the cube about... it is a toy after all, isn't it? :D

moving onto the romulan side of things.
I must confess; i dislike STO's approach to romulans. I also, apart from the one prototype reman warbird (which was written off when Nemesis happened), I dislike any 'non-romulan' design trying to pass itself off as 'romulan'. Borgified talshiar cruisers? never happened. Narada? figment of JJ's imagination.
Romulan Valdore Eaglemoss x 2 (they'll be a simple repaint using Tamiya Tan Green and weathered)
Romulan Griffin prototype
Romulan Kerchan ala shapeways
Romulan Shrike destroyer, as opposed to the fighter. My interpretation has a dual hull, like a mini-warbird as seen in Armada 1.
Some romulan-esque uglies.
No romulan vehicles will be up for trade etc at this time. They're not quite ready yet.

These will need putty to make them nice and smoothy with panel lines and such. The feds are worth that though.
I also have on backorder a couple of akiras near to the clix scale, as well as a steamrunner class. I've printed some saber classes at true to clix scale.Runabouts are harder to print on the velleman, to say nothing for the shuttlecraft themselves. I honestly don't know how odyssey slipways and federation models manage to cram so much detail into their tiny shuttles themselves - its flipping difficult, and they've found a way!
Federation Premonition alt 2,
Premontion (shapeways variant soon)
Prometheus alternate types.
Alternate installations and satellites.

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Re: Kobayashimaru's Star Trek Customs Gallery

Post by kobayashimaru » Fri Nov 14, 2014 3:38 am

As promised, here's some update images

Above: Poor sutherland, pursued by an angry Obelisk.

Above: A group shot for scale of the latest batch. A few wanted more scale imagery, so the best angle was chosen for scale.

Above: the insides of a tesseract, with Sutherland for scale. premagnets, which will allow the tesseract to hold together and break into the 7 constituent components.

Above; another angle to the tesseract, and a regional nexus (they're a beachhead version of the iconic traditional Nexus structure.

Above: The latest batch of tetrahedrons. If you're interested in any geometry seen here, be sure to PM or email me to get the ball rolling.

Thanks for your interest here and I'm flabbergasted by how popular the geometry have been!

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