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Re: 3D Printing Crazy

Postby ewg1967 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:05 am

Tesral wrote:It is not an antenna. That is the escape rocket. Should something go totally wrong on the pad or early in the launch,, it was optimistically designed to pull the command module free and far enough away to not get involved in the kablooey.

Right you are Tersal. That launch escape rocket has quite a story on its own. I also build flying model rockets when not building plastic kits. Here is my Little Joe II I built last Summer. For those that don’t know, the Little Joe II was the test rocket built specifically to test the launch escape system for the Apollo program leading up to the Saturn V.


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Re: 3D Printing Crazy

Postby marcnoonan » Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:57 am

marcnoonan wrote:When you've finished painting the NASA ones, do you mind if I use your pics (Planet express too) to add to the items on my Shapeways shop?

Yes, you certainly may use my pics, I'd be honored!

Yes, I've seen your ships on Shapeways and have several on my wish list. I'm a huge B5 fan and hope to get many of them as well.

Wow, that's an amazing collection you have there! That Shadow ship is magnificent![/quote]

Thank You for letting me use them. I can either grab them from your Flickr or if you've got the time to email them over my address is marcnoonan@hotmail.com.

The Shadow Battlecrab is my favourite and it's the Warp model and just about works in 1/2500 as the smallest one that was in the Mars Dome. They do come up on Ebay occasionally or there's another version by Bad-Azz or Howling Wolf available from JT-Graphics. They also have the Vorlon Dreadnought which is spot on for 1/2500 too. :D

Vorlon Dreadnought 6.jpg

Vorlon Dreadnought 5.jpg

Vorlon Dreadnought 1.jpg


My Shapeways Shop
http://www.shapeways.com/shops/1/2500%2 ... e-products

If there's any model of anything you want that's not available anywhere.....send me a PM.

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