Enterprise D Saucer Deflector

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Re: Enterprise D Saucer Deflector

Postby kobayashimaru » Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:54 am

there it is, probert C!
do my eyes deceive me?

shut up. :blownup:
shut up and t-take my moneys :lol:

truly Zmas comes twice this year;
that is awesome! :drool:
thanks for sharing, and that's just the feds options!

would an oberth-type in place of aquarius be possible on an Ambassador-esque frame,
without looking too goofy? perhaps that amadeus variant,
or the jester - the top part without the pylon, that's comparable in size to the aquarius etc.

In STO I have an oberth pet replacer for the aquarius,
or the Valiant-I or Valiant II variants of defiant.
the Venture-type (Data's Scout Ship) looks weird as an aquarius replacer.

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