Wolf 359 Frankenfleet...

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Re: Wolf 359 Frankenfleet...

Postby mophius » Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:10 pm

Looks great, I am liking the extra shuttlebay and the deflector dish.
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Re: Wolf 359 Frankenfleet...

Postby novahobbies » Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:30 pm

Gidiot wrote:U.S.S. Groening in the final stages of construction. Captain H. Simpson, Cmdr N. Flanders will take her out for her trial runs here fairly soon...

She still needs her decals and ventral phaser, but again considering I’ve never done any airbrushing before, I’m quite happy.

As you should be! That's a great start and some very bold color choices! It's nice to see some non-standard colors out there.....I imagine that SOME Starfleet chromagineers out on the fringe shipyards must get bored of the usual Federation colors and jump at the chance at doing something like this! :D
I also like seeing the "refit" Ambassador being done. Not too many of that particular version gets modeled compared to the Enterprise C. I've been guilty of that as well.....finally starting to name my ships non standard names these days. It's especially hard when it's an Enterprise model, tho.

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Re: Wolf 359 Frankenfleet...

Postby Gidiot » Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:23 pm

novahobbies wrote:finally starting to name my ships non standard names these days. It's especially hard when it's an Enterprise model, tho.

The first time I tried to build kits I did them under the Enterprise name... I butchered them, badly.... I'm a little (if we talk in terms of the Universe) older, one hell of a lot more patient-ish.... and decided there are enough artist who are a lot more skilled that I am that have done the Face of Starfleet... So I've decided to have fun with it while honoring other Scifi and Pop culture references (not to mention the guys in my Fantasy Football League- Roscoe, Perkins, Freed and Godel- All kits based on TMP era FASA Kits, Thank you Crazy Eddie!). And I figure someone needs to fill in the rest of the Starfleet.

and here's a slight update on the Groening...


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