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Re: 50 x 50 ==> 2500 (pic heavy)

Postby MEATLOAFr » Wed Dec 07, 2016 1:47 am

slawton wrote:
jkb-1 wrote:
slawton wrote:
I would get the JBOT ones, but it lists 1/2200-1/2500, so I envisioned they were made for the encounter set. Has anyone tried these on the 1/2500 D7s? Not selling?? They were on the list and could be added to the cart.

I just tried again, and I can get it in the cart, but with a red "X" to the left of it, and when I try to check out it returns with a letter of apology for being behind on stock.
(I'd be willing to "take one for the team" to find the size of this decal -- I was going to order it to try to "make it fit" on a non-Klingon Romulans ship. When I had an Encounters kit, I scaled the D-7 as 1/2000 by placing the aft hull part over Jeffries's comparison drawing on the cover of The Star Trek Sketchbook where the 200 foot mak is 1.2 inches long. By similar measurements I put the Johnny Lightning D-7 at either 1/2200 or 1/2300, (I forget) and I think the R2 kit is the same size.)

For those curious about the Romulan D7 decals and whether they will fit on the 1/2500 TOS Cadet Series kits, I recently received an email from Jim Botaitis from JBOT Decals:
My site will be up and running in January. You are welcome to place your order then, using the shopping cart.
Those decals should fit, yes.

how well did the ones I printed for you fit?
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