DECAL SALE - AKA: MEATLOAFr needs a new computer

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DECAL SALE - AKA: MEATLOAFr needs a new computer

Postby MEATLOAFr » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:36 am

My laptop, I fear, is nearing it's end - so I'm trying to drum up some sales to get a new one...

also have a daughter in Girl Scouts
so this is where you all come in...

Go here and buy some cookies :lol:

and with each box you buy, I'll do a 50% off my normal price per print
single set was $5.00, full 8x10 sheet was $10.00
now for each box you buy:
a single set will be $2.50, and full 8x10 sheet will be $5.00
just PM me after your order from them (put "AST" somewhere in your name section) - so I can keep track of and verify them
the more you buy the more you can get 50% off - and I'll be nice :lol: and allow them to be ordered separately (if you only need one set now, but ordered 6 cookies, you can use the other 5 later)

now, some might not think that's fair to the people "across the ponds" but I do have some (currently 28 cases) in my garage and I can mail them along with the decals

FYI - Girl Scouts is in no way affiliated with my work, just trying to sell some cookies for my daughter (and some funds to get a newish computer) also, I don't (nor my daughter) get a single penny from the cookie sales
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